Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dream from 3/29/2015 City in Crisis

A dream I had on 3/29/2015

I was living and working with my current broker. Yes, we were all "living" together.  We were working and living in an old three story brick building on the main street of our city. The building was built in the early 1800's and the first floor storefront was the office. We agents had our own small apartments on the second and third floors.  A major crisis had happened in the country and was happening right outside our building. It was a widespread crisis. It was a dangerous disaster on a grand scale. Or else it was an on-going war right in our own city streets.  The wind was blowing and I could see papers flying through the air. All the agents and myself were hiding in apartments all hunkered down in fear. The power was out. The sky was grey and menacing. As I was crouching down upstairs hiding, trying to be quiet with other fearful agents, in walks the adorable N-Y-B, top producer of our brokerage. She was wearing her little high-healed "hooker" boots and a leopard print skirt. She came strutting in, her blonde pony-tail bouncing. She had a stack of folders in her arms. She was relaxed and cheerful, and she wasn't disturbed by the papers flying every where in the street. She looked up at me, smiling, and said,  "We're going to make a lot of money now because of this!"