Monday, February 22, 2016

My Trip to Rockville, OH--Dream from 3-10- 2014

Hello, Blogger world. My real estate agent life has consumed my time, energy, thoughts. Writing on this blog has slipped away. I cried yesterday when I realized I let many of my life dreams stay in my daydreams rather than work toward them. I came to a conclusion that all that "follow your dreams," and "you can do whatever you want to do" talk is just bologna.

This post is not about goals or daydreams. I decided to record a dream from nearly two years ago. It was a dream in the night and I haven't even tried to decipher it's meaning. However, here is the dream I title "My Trip to Rockville, Ohio"

I found out there was a hospital and ski resort northwest of c-bus about an hour away that I didn't know about called Rockville. I saw it on the map and couldn't believe I never knew about it! So I went up there by myself. I left the place I was at. I was somewhere with extended family including my niece, Nikka,  We were all staying together in a hostel, or dorm, or small motel-flop-house type place with big windows that looked out on a cool looking location.

I left that place and I drove up to Rockville. It was a bit slow going through snow covered country roads but I made it there and it was busy. It was dusk and grey and overcast. Pine trees, tall skinny ones and the ski mountain was high, high up. It was basically one skinny mountain, but very steep and high. There was a tow rope to take you to the top and I grabbed on and up I started. I was surprised at myself that I was not freaking out or fearful or scared and I just hung on tightly and bent my knees and let the tow rope take me up.. At one point I was a little nervous when I thought I had half way yet to go and it was still so far to go up and so steep. Could I keep hanging on and riding it, I wondered.  I calmed my panic down and just hung on. Once at the top I don't have a memory of skiing down it.

I don't know what happened next.  Then I was in the ski lodge and it was really busy inside and crowded and I looked behind a door. There was a little resting bed in the small space. To my surprise behind the door Eminem (who really looked like the famous red-haired snow boarder) was resting there on the bed. Some people had the opinion I should leave him alone and ignore him and let the famous person be alone. However, he looked up at me and smiled and I said, "Hello! This is fantastic meeting you. I hope you are having fun.". He asked if had listened to his new album "X," He said, "this little Korean boy told me hasn't yet, and I'm disappointed. He knows some of the songs, though. Do you? Have you listened to X yet?" I couldn't lie and I was so embarrassed to tell him no I had not. He made a comment about me being old and white, so it's not my type of music. I said, "oh! No, I am a fan, I do like your music! My daughter will tell you, don't I like Eminem, Becca?" Somehow becca was there with me and she said, "yes she does like your music Eminem."

And then I had to drive back where I came from. It was tricky driving again in the snow. I saw Olin and told him all about Rockville and that I went to the top by myself because they had a tow rope and not a chair lift.  The End.