Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Faith & Intellectualism

I came back to Blogger today just to record this quote from the book I'm reading, The Longest Bridge Across Water by Jeremy Mangerchine.
"...this kind of faith walk is offensive to many, and those who do not understand often view people  of great faith as being crazy.  That's because faith is not in any way rooted in intellectualism: it is spiritual! And it often does not make any sense at all. It cannot be learned or figured out.  It must be received, freely, by revelation from the Holy Spirit."

Jeremy's brother told me about the book. Jeremy's brother told me he read it in one quick, fast read. He was surprised I hadn't read it completely the day it arrived in the mail. However, I find Jeremy's book to be one of those books I that must read the same sentence, the same paragraph, the same chapter over and over before I move on to the next. In one or two sentences there is so much to take in I don't want to quickly pass it over. I want to ponder what he is saying.

It's not that I don't comprehend Jeremy's thoughts. Rather I understand them all very well. I experienced much of what he is writing about, especially in the 1990's decade and into the 00's.  "One aspect of the mystical union is God's presence in everything. When I first began to experience the presence of God, I became addicted to Him..." I can certainly relate to that statement.

Meanwhile, I had a dream I was married to the Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and I couldn't wait for him to get home so we could go out and spend time together. Instead, he wanted me to leave him alone and  be shut up in a bedroom writing. He was very nice about it, and asked if I would mind not talking and if I would mind letting him write. He felt a little bad about it, but I could see something was right there on his heart that needed written right then.  So I went out by myself perfectly content, but others felt sorry for me. I was a little frustrated with the other people for telling me I should be sad and feel rejected. I thought, what is wrong with you people, can't you see he's writing?