Tuesday, January 28, 2014

-6 degrees.

It's cold out. It's 65 degrees in the house. The furnace is trying to heat up the house to 70, but it's not making it. I haven't been on Blogger for months it seems. Just read through the blogs I follow and I have missed a lot. Life goes on.  I just haven't been up to it, so there you go. I've been sick (no shock there) only this time besides Trigeminal Neuralgia I had the real live influenza. Had it a full 7 days and then I had one day of wellness, and, then ka-bam I got hit with TN pain that kept me writhing in pain for 3 whole days. It's actually a bit hard to recover from these spells-I must move very slowly and try to catch up on tasks and chores that went undo for months. Yeah, it's not the best way to live.

So, incorporating Joy into my life is a daily aim of mine. If I was healthy I would judge people who watch tv and say very haughty things about television. However, sigh, I am so thankful for the creative and greedy souls who make tv shows and movies. It's given me some laughter and food for thought when I all can do is lie in bed or on the couch.  My eyes hurt too much to read, can't do a craft, can't do much of anything but lie around. I've enjoyed some Turner Classic Movies, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family for laughs, and Hallmark Channel, and PBS shows like Sherlock, Father Brown, and Doc Martin. Not Downton Abbey. I hate that show with a passion. Rick Steve's Travel shows kept me daydreaming about Europe. Crazy shows like Pawn Stars and Storage Wars are oddly entertaining. I've even enjoyed following a show where they look for Big Foot. Very interesting.

Today is better. I picked up some clients and have a few people in contract in spite of "the pain"
So God is watching out for me and bringing me people who need to buy or sell a house. I'm very thankful for that.

So, I'm still around for now. Looking forward to more mobile and healthy times.

To Da Lou!