Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Wedding Happened & Now I'm Tired

The wedding happened in June.
The professional photographer put a sneak peak up on her blog Amanda Jayne Photo

Maybe when I'm not so tired, I will work at putting photos up from friends and family.
I got home from Florida over a month ago and have been working from 7:30 am to midnight, 6 days a week and then about 7 hours on Sunday week after week. I am sincerely worn out. The craziest stuff is happening to me, and I can't post any of it on the internet since it's all work related. Crazy, crazy stuff. Have you ever seen the cartoon with Bugs Bunny and the giant red monster is chasing him? And then Bugs Bunny puts the monster in a chair and pretends to be a hair stylist and starts combing and styling the monster's hair? Well, Bugs chats away in a hair-dresser accent, "You know you meet the most INNNnnteresting people in my business, the most innnnnteresting people."   .... so that's how I feel about the business. I've met the most innnnnnnnteresting people.... and that's not interesting-good.

Hopefully, this season will quickly end on a good note. Sam returns to college in a couple weeks. It will be back to being an empty nester again, and this time Becca and John are really married. I'm still getting used to it.

 We stayed in this downtown condo, second floor. It's a great art deco place with 3,000 square feet with modern conveniences and original beauty.
After the wedding, Olin and I stayed at the beach and we rented this skiff and cruised the inter-coastal. So fun.


  1. Ohhhh I like the photo with all the bridesmaids under the veil!!

  2. Your kids certainly had a wonderful photographer for the wedding. The sneak peek was like attending the ceremony.

    Hope things are calming down for you in the work related areas of crazy crazy stuff.

    1. Thanks. The crazy stuff actually got even crazier today.