Monday, May 20, 2013

Not Feeling Well

I don't feel well. I haven't felt well for days. I had the vomiting thing all night a few nights a go and then it went into the full blown "the pain" (Trigeminal Neuralgia). It's lingering on and on top of that I have some sort upper respitory bug plus... just feel. like. crap


  1. I'm so sorry.. Hope you feel better soon.. Some kind of stuff has been going on around here, along with the pollen and It's awful.. Sending healing prayers and thoughts. Hugs, xo

    1. Thank you, Susie, I'm feeling a wee bit better actually.

  2. Seems like lots of bugs around. Hang in there it will go away.

  3. You've really got a triple whammy! Sorry to hear that and I hope you feel better soon...

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Just when the weather is getting nice, too!

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