Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feeling Better

OK, so it's 7 days later and I feel better now. I listed two houses  and went into contract on a new build. The new build is demanding. Two closings are expected here in a few days. Even though it's poor etiquette I hosted a bridal shower for my daughter along with my mom and my sister in law. I didn't know it was poor etiquette until after the invites went out. oops.

I didn't take very many photos at all, as I was busy focusing on facilitating the event and greeted people. The cake was very sweet. The food was really good. We played a game called 'Staches and Tiara's and it was for people to learn a little bit about the bride and grooms relationship. It was a nice day. I powered through it as I was not feeling well at all.

So today is a new day to journey on.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.. Take care of yourself and congrats to your daughter. Have a nice Memorial Day.

  2. And what "proper" person informed you that it was it's poor etiquette to host this shower? My daughter's best friend hosted her bridal shower but it was held in our home. That was probably poor etiquette as well. Yikes!

  3. Why is it poor etiquette? Someone has to host the shower.

  4. I've never heard about that being poor etiquette! Hey, somebody has to do it, why not you? However, I would like to know who agreed to change the rules about men attending baby showers. We don't like them! Not babies, but baby showers...