Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lonely Peeps.

Becca made these on Good Friday.

This is the first Easter of my entire life I will not have Easter dinner with any family.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Barefoot Brothers

One day last month it was time to head to the Bulk Mail Department of the United States Postal Service with my post card mailing for my business. This means driving 40 minutes away and involves going to two different locations in order to pay the permit and get the mailing processed.

Heading out in the winter weather, I had a whim.  I'll stop at a post office on the way to bulk mail and pre-pay my permit there, saving me time.  I drove onto High Street, on a busy corner of the city and I couldn't see the post office anywhere. Had it moved? Confused and disappointed, I turned my car around to begin my long 40 minute journey to the bulk mail department.  As I pulled around there appeared walking down the sidewalk along the busy street two young men looking like they just walked off a Robin Hood movie set. Cropped hair, long beards, wearing burlap style robes, long wooden crosses, and barefoot.  My city is a global village, so I see a lot of different types of people in various garb every day. But, not this. So I rolled down my window and called to them and asked if they are performing in a play or are they real Friars? They came to my car and told me they are Franciscan Friars and had just moved to Columbus with a very few other brothers.

I asked them where they were walking to barefooted in the freezing temps. They answered, the university campus to evangelize. They were carrying bags full of Catholic literature. I offered them a ride and they got in my car. They didn't hop, or hurry like most people. Instead they moved very calmly and slowly and deliberately. Perhaps their feet were aching, walking barefoot on a frozen sidewalk. Once at campus I parked the car and kept the engine running. We talked for about an hour. Their demeanor was that of kung fu masters. Very calm. Very intentional. I'm not Catholic, but they gave me a rosary and a little pamphlet on how to say the rosary. I told them some of my friends believe the Catholic church is that whoreish woman who rides the beast and is drunk on the blood of the martyrs. The one described in the book of Revelation. The one in which we are warned to "come out from her before you are guilty of her sins."  I asked if they've ever been told that and they said, yes. I told them I have a few problems with the Catholic church myself mostly having to do with the authority of the Pope and the murderous acts done by the church or in the name of the Catholic church throughout the centuries. They replied that a lot of people have those problems. Their answer: men chosen by God to represent Himself in the world have failed God and the people, but the gates of hell have not prevailed against the church and will not, saith Jesus.

From there we discussed the Eucharist and the topic of the presence of God and the friendship of Jesus. Their faces lit up with joy and peace talking about Jesus. At that point I didn't want to let the brothers out of my car. I shared in their Joy, and The Presence of God was manifest there in my Korean made SUV.  The brothers offered to pray for me and of course I said yes.

After they got of my car, I rearranged my 557 post cards that had spilled out from their pile, and realized they were prepared wrong and would be rejected by the post office, wasting all my 80 minutes of drive time.  I drove back to my office, humming a tune and not disappointed or put out that my day was going all wrong. I reprinted the cards, cut, and sorted to correct the mistake.  The next day, the trip to bulk mail was successful. And, I'm happy to report that two weeks after my mailing I closed on a condo-the business procured from the mailing.  Thanks for the prayers, brothers!