Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter Hike 5 & Indoor Garden

We found this old decaying truck left from the original farm.

Glacier Ridge Metro Park is flat farmland with a scattering of woods. Flat & windy,

So the indoor garden experiment continues.

I have one little pepper trying to develop.

I forgot to water the cilantro so it died. The tomatoes are too spindly for fruit bearing. :(

I tried an experiment with a sweet potatoe and that thing took off like a weed.


  1. The garden looks like it might make it. The old truck is a great photo.

  2. Hello little baby pepper:) And I love a sweet potato vine. Don't like cilantro so its demise would not vex me.

    1. it is a cute baby pepper! We did enjoy eating the cilantro in a variety of dishes and sauces, while it lasted.

  3. That old truck is priceless.. Your garden looks good.. I love to see things growing this time of year.

  4. I love that old truck - I think that sort of thing is basically sculpture.

  5. it would be sculpture but the old truck is awesome.Because "Old Is Gold" So my dear continue with indoor garden experiment .