Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Hike 6 & Winter Hike 7

Hike 6 was at Clear Creek park. My torn meniscus limited my ability to 1.5 measily miles.
I went directly to a women's church lunch after my morning hike. There is no heat in the church so after several hours I was chilled to the bone.
Sunday morning began with tea in the Buckingham Palace tea cup and Buckingham Palace tea.

Hike7 was at Slate Run Park. My knee was killing me. It was slow moving.

Someone carved in the bark of a Sycamore tree back in 1955.

There were stuffed animals to view at the trail head. poor bunny. poor chipmunk.

Mission Accomplished.

We got our patches for 7 hikes in the Winter Hike Series.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter Hike 5 & Indoor Garden

We found this old decaying truck left from the original farm.

Glacier Ridge Metro Park is flat farmland with a scattering of woods. Flat & windy,

So the indoor garden experiment continues.

I have one little pepper trying to develop.

I forgot to water the cilantro so it died. The tomatoes are too spindly for fruit bearing. :(

I tried an experiment with a sweet potatoe and that thing took off like a weed.