Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Hike 3

A sign said, "take a photo of yourself from this observation deck and upload it to for a chance to win a Hybrid car.  So we took this photo and I forgot the website.

Downtown in the distance. This is sort of a weird place to hike.

Such a sunshiney morning. I'm not saluting, just blinded by the sun
Michelle Stitzlein’s Moth : a sculpture using scrapped items like bottle caps...
And  phone parts from phones we used to use in the olden days.
So are you wondering what happened to Winter Hike 2? I didn't take my phone or camera. Winter Hike 2 was done at Blacklick Park. We had a great time walking in the snow with thousands of other C-busers.  Winter Hike 3 took place in an urban area along the Scioto River. The roar of the freeway was in our ears the entire walk. The National Audubon  Society built a center on some scrapped land and converted the industrial-type location into a wetlands sanctuary. After our chilly, wind-blown hike we enjoyed chili inside the Audobon center.
Photo by Eric D. Lipschutz-Grange Insurance Audubon Center


  1. I liked winter hike 3; that scupture made from bottle caps and whatnot sure was interesting. Well if you win the hybrid car, hopefully then you can tell us which web site :)


  2. Fun pictures!!! I love your winter hiking, and I also hope you win a car!!

  3. Very cool. We have been able to get in lots of hikes this winter. I am afraid the weather has been way too mild but we enjoy the walks.

    Hey if I find the site to win the car, would you mind if I photoshopped our heads onto your bodies and tried to win--just asking and just kidding. Enjoy the great outdoors, even in the city.

  4. That phone dial is from the "olden days"? Yikes! Since I had one, you know my age:)

    Nice adventures.

  5. I think urban hikes have their own sort of interest. Too bad about the website, though!

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  7. It's just great to walk around, cold or not. You saw some interesting stuff and showed it us!