Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Date Night and Serial Killers

Clifton Gorge

Crossing the Little Miami River

Little Miami
The Saturday before Thanksgiving Weekend we had a date night. We went to John Bryant State Park and Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve. When I was in college my mountaineering friends and I would drive from Cincinnati to this park frequently to do rock climbing. I hadn't been back to this park in a long time.  We pulled into the parking lot late for the season, around 3:00 pm and sunset started at 5 pm. We walked 4 miles on top of the gorge and then 4 miles down below the gorge along the Little Miami River. The footing is unsteady in most spots, so it's not a brisk walk. I was a little worried at one point that we'd be walking in the dark.

You know I have an overactive imagination concerning serial killers and at one point on the path I felt threatened by some other visitors. A group of four people that looked like they came to woods to do illegal activity, not enjoy the outdoors, were lounging in the middle of the creek on various rocks or tree branches. They were acting obnoxious and strange as if on blotter acid.  We were up above them on the ravine top, and I was trying to figure out how to avoid walking past them once we crossed the river to return to our car. There was something about their appearance and behavior that made me think of kidnapping and torture. Remember the movie, "Last  House on the Left?"  I said something to my husband, and he acknowledged the same feelings I had, but we kept walking.

Forty minutes later we were on the other side of the river. A middle aged man was running up and down the path yelling for someone. He seemed frantic and stopped some young people on the path and asked if they'd seen his son and described him to them. Then off he ran again shouting out the boy's name.  We never came back upon the group of scarey people and I wondered where they had disappeared to as we walked past that spot on the river. My imagination started going wild at that point. My husband commented on how frightening it would be to lose someone in the woods, especially as the sun was going down and the air was getting colder. Still, we walked on in the dimming light.

After our hike,  we went into the neighboring little hippie town of Yellow Springs and had dinner at Ye Olde Trail Tavern. Ye Olde Tavern was built in 1847 along the stage coach. I like to sit in the booth next to the old fireplace and imagine people cooking there in the olden days.

Except for the serial killer anxiety, this was one of my favorite date nights of the year so far.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No Idea What I'm Doing-Chapter 2

I got a shelf up as cheaply as possible: already had plywood and the brackets were $1.75 from H.D.

Most of the seedlings sprouted except oregano. Parsley is teeny tiny still.

I transplanted the larger ones into containers I already had, like milk jug, coffee can, paint can liner and a pot I found in the garage.  I don't think the coffee can is working for that cilantro plant, though. 
I did buy two grow lights that you clip onto something. It was a big expense for me at $44 for two lights. I haven't taken the grow lights out the boxes, yet. The contraption doesn't look too simple.  Plus, I need to install "something" for the lights to clamp onto. The daylight is getting shorter. Ohio is overcast more than 50% of the time.  I need artificial sunlight for at least 6 hours. While at the nursery looking for the lowest price grow lights I could find, I was fascinated by all the lighting choices and gadgets, costing hundreds of dollars. I can see how someone can go crazy over indoor gardening!   It's been fun to watch them sprout and grow. I still don't know what I'm doing, yet here they are!