Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Actually Cleaned Something

This "wall hanging" was a special gift from my daughter. She knows how I am.
These frig magnets were gifts from people who know how I am. (& still love me)
When I say I actually cleaned something, it really is a big deal! (I should have a magnet about cat hair. "Cat" is a long-haired Himalayan, so yeah, we have cat hair!)

I did indeed actually clean something and that something was the kitchen pantry. I'm not going to embarrass myself online and tell you how long it's been since I cleaned the pantry. The truth is one of my kids cleaned it last. But since I'm an empty nester now, well, that leaves only me.  So when I began to smell a stench in there, fearing a dead field mouse, I knew that I had to tackle the pantry. We live near a golf course so when the weather gets a little chilly the critters will find their way into any home that isn't sealed up tight. Whatever it was in there, it smelled dead.

First I emptied out all the crapola on the shelves. I found a rotting potato. No mouse. Still, Gross!

I took out the shelves & scrubbed everything down.

I scrubbed the shelves and then painted them--4 times!

I painted the ceiling and all the walls, even where you can't see!

I started the project on Saturday morning. I was surprised at how much food had expired, some of it from 2004!  I told you this was an accomplishment! I threw away or put away all kinds of weird things I'd stuffed in there over the years because I didn't know what to do with it. I put orphaned wrapping paper with the wrapping paper, vases with the vases, threw away odd trinkets, Christmas tree ornaments & Lego parts. Those don't belong in a kitchen pantry. What was I thinking? I spent hours looking at cute pantries online with charming paint colors and motifs. After several more hours of creative house indecision, I decided I couldn't decide. Good Ole' bright white paint to the rescue. Sometimes Good Enough is Good Enough.
It took three coats of primer and two coats of Ultra White Behr to just get it done. White and clean is better than 10 years of grime & rotting potatoes and the occasional dead field mouse.  I bought some hardy, vinyl taupe-colored shelf liner from the Home Depot Sunday morning before church and put everything away on Sunday.  I need to call my mom now. "Mom, I actually cleaned something!" She'll be amazed.


  1. Love the corgi magnet! Looks just like Koda! Good for you for cleaning! It is a sense of accomplishment when it is done and seriously, after what I've been through this past 20 months, your children will appreciate you did clean! When hubby was cleaning the kitchen here before we moved in, he found food from 1998 (I kid you not).

    Well done!


  2. Give yourself more credit sista, you did more than clean....Holly moly you went above and beyond, I'm so impressed you painted your shelves!

    Good work!

  3. Where did all that energy come from? Just let me hang signs like yours and be done with it.

  4. MOM! The pantry seriously looks amazing! good job!!

    I got you the magnet about dog hair ;)

    1. I think you were the last one to clean it, so you know how long ago that was :) Thanks for the magnet!

  5. Looks fantastic. I did a similar thing with my pantry about a year ago. Next I need to tackle the cupboards!