Sunday, July 15, 2012

Twice in One Week

I've come here twice in one week now. This is Jeni's Splendid Ice cream. Local organic dairy and ingredients. Oddly satisfying mixes of flavors such as whisky and pecans, salty caramel, cayenne pepper. The milk fat is deliciously high and so fresh and almost like eating creamy butter.

Jeni's is a Columbus company and she has grown her business to multiple stores here. Now she has two shops in Nashville, so there is no doubt in my mind you'll be hearing more and more about Jeni's.

Personally, I think it's worth the long wait in line. No matter what day of the week, Jeni's will have a line.

Last night after dark I got a craving for Jeni's that wouldn't go away. Sam was watching movies online and Becca was sippin a glass of wine and I'm not really sure what she was doing. Who wants to go to Jeni's? I asked. I wanted to go to the shop 4 miles from house in my quirky, old neighborhood. Sam said he'd go but wanted to go to the Short North. That's our art, restaraunt/bar district. Saturday night its' the place to go to be seen. No parking would be left and the sidewalks would be shoulder to shoulder.

I didn't put on any makeup, didn't change into spiffy clothes, even though most of the ladies would be in summer dresses with stilettos. Like I said it's the place to go be scene, I mean seen. After driving around and around and trying to not kill any pedestrians that overtake the streets we found a parking spot and joined the crowds.

On a summer night it was rather pleasant to be out and about, window shopping along the way and eavesdropping on bistro diners as we walked past their tables. The ice cream was indeed, Splendid.

You can order Jeni's online and get ice cream mailed to you. Yum-o.

To Da Lou.


  1. I would never have dreamed of mail-order ice cream but you have made this sound so good I just may have to order some.

    An added note: My morning vision is not too good and I thought you had written "...'flesh', almost like eating creamy butter." Yikes!

    1. haha. That is how my mind works, though. i always seem to have some subconscious paranoia running in my mind about flesh-eating persons. haha.

  2. That sounds like fun! The one drawback of small town living is there's not much of a nightlife.

  3. really, ice cream mailed to you? I'll have to check it out only to see how it comes (I'm sure a lot of dry ice). It does sound like a fun evening (and good ice cream). I think our Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego would be the best place to be seen here (and provide a scene too for those of us who enjoy people watching :)

    enjoy the day!


  4. as an ice cream fanatic, Jeni's sounds awesome. I will check it out online. new follower here :)

  5. What, they mail Ice oh man what will they think of next! It's so fun to be out and about on a warm summer night! How fun~!

  6. I didn't know you could order ice cream through the mail..Hope you had lots of fun..Susie