Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Month, Hot Real Estate Market

This is a snapshot of just one suburb of my town. All those little triangles represent homes that are "In Contract." Most, but not all, will become the "Solds" of June. There are fewer homes for sale, and a lot more people out there wanting to buy. However, prices are still pretty low. It's reasonable to assume if this trend continues, prices will push upward. We are having multiple offers on many houses. If the house is cute,in great condition and not over-priced it will likely get multiple offers and be sold within a month or two. Especially if it is NOT a short sale (pre-foreclosure).

No wonder I'm tuckered out a bit.


  1. Now that is good news. Congratulations on the sales!

  2. Tuckered out as a realtor is a good sign. We sold and purchased homes (bought our semi-retirement home)in the past year. Housing prices never really dipped in Wyoming like the rest of the country. Hope you stay tired from selling too many homes--then take a well earned vacation.

  3. That is wonderful news!! I'm glad to see at least homes are moving!! We have so many properties available here with foreclosures, short sales, traditional sales that the only ones that usually sell are like you said, priced reasonably in good repair, etc. Glad to hear though things are turning around in your neck of the woods!