Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cincinnati Overnighter

What is this? Two human babies nursing from a jackal. If it's supposed to be famous, I'm ignorant. Maybe it's something from Rupyard Kipling's books? We stumbled upon this in Eden Park in Cincinnati. We walked across the street from our hotel into Eden Park. I had literally rolled out of bed, had my coffee, and walked across the street early Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous morning in the Ohio Valley.

The night before after a day of extreme job stress Olin and I drove to Cincinnati and checked into the Marriott Springhill about a mile from Reds Stadium. My college friend, Cyndy, met us at the hotel and together we took a cab to the bars across the street from the stadium. There we met up with a few more college friends of mine. Though we hadn't seen each other for awhile, we just picked up where we left off the last time we were together. People change, grow apart, move to other parts of the world. Yet, when we reunite we are suddenly college-age again.. I'm so lucky I met these adventurous people right away as a freshman in college. We were all members of the Mountaineering Club and they took me on several awesome outdoor pursuits for which I am truly thankful. I think when you challenge yourself physically and mentally with other people, sleep with them in a small tent in the blistering winds and cold rain on the side of a mountain, you form deep relationships that last a lifetime.

After joining up and sampling some micro-brewed beers we walked to the Reds game. Our seats were in the LAST ROW at the top. I am not kidding! You couldn't go a row higher. We are the mountaineers after all and we climbed up very high into the sky for the game! The game was a blast as all professional sporting events are. I forgot my camera so I can't share what a great view we had of the Ohio Valley and Ohio River and all the hills in Cincy and Kentucky. Then the best fireworks ever commenced until midnight. We parted ways in the street knowing we'd see each other at Dr. Larry's the next day. Olin and I and my friend Cyndy walked about downtown among the festive crowd until we stopped at a cafe for late night shakes and wings and a cocktail or two. Our cab didn't get us back to the hotel til almost 2 am.

We rode the elevator to our floor with about six 20-something guys carrying a case of beer. I said I sure hope you aren't staying in the room across from me. Guess what? They were! Oh well. It was a bachelor party so I certainly wasn't going to complain to the management.

The next day we walked over to Eden Park. We headed to the overlook of the river and it was Paddle Fest! Thousands of canoes and kayaks were on the water. I told Olin we are doing this next year for sure! You can't tell from the photo just how many canoes there were.

From there we drove across the river to Dr. Larry's tye dye party. We've attended this annual event many times over the past ten years! He has a great view of the Reds stadium. The tye dye creations were so fun to look at. Again, no camera! I blogged back in 2010 about this event here

At 3pm we had to jump into my car and head back the 2 hour drive so I could attend my husband's niece's baby shower. His 91 year old mother drove down 2 hours for it, plus his 80 year old aunt, and his cousin came 6 hours from Indiana.

It was a busy two days. Then today, I attended a house-warming party for a young couple that used me as their Realtor. Now this house-warming party made me LOVE my job. So fun to see the family enjoying their home that we worked so hard together to get. This couple came to use me as their agent through the internet on one of my listings. After we met, I believe we looked at 85 houses all over the city. After spending this much time together, I'm so thankful I was invited to the party. I loved meeting their friends and family. I didn't take any business cards even though I knew at least one person would ask. My purse supply of cards was gone and I just didn't want to deal with it today. I only wanted to enjoy my new friends in their new home. So fun to see how they transformed a bland, older house into a warm, classy home.

What a weekend.

To Da Lou!


  1. Springhill Suites are our new favorite. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    1. we did like the Springhill. Nothing fancy but very clean and modern.

  2. It does sound like a great weekend! the Reds stadium looks a lot like Pet Co stadium here where the Padres play in downtown San Diego with the tall buildings around it. How sweet to go to that open house; I bet that is definitely the best part of your job indeed to see a family make a house into a home!


  3. The statue is a depiction of Romulus and Remus. Isn't it crazy all the mythology symbols that are in our architecture? But no one would dare put up a religious statue. Anyway, to get off that soap box! Looks like a fun time. Where the Reds playing the Tigers? That's so nice that the young couple invited you to their house warming. Sounds like you helped make them very happy.

  4. Thanks, Jane! I had some mythology such as Jason and the Argonauts, Hercules, but that's it. Thanks for enlightening me!

  5. I'm glad I know know the story behind the statue! It sounds like you had a great time on your trip. It's always fun to get together with old friends. I know what you mean about things instantly clicking, just like the old days.