Saturday, April 21, 2012

March Goings On

Dear Diary,
Our Spring market picked up here in February. The mild winter, low interest rates, job confidence, and ridiculously low real estate prices have caused me to be extremely busy. The low inventory of homes is causing multiple offers. Therefore, my suspicions are the prices are going to inch up again soon.

Finally I have a couple hours to myself on my couch in front of the tv with my laptop to facebook, pin things on Pinterest, and Tweet. My feet hurt from showing properties for days and nights on end.

My son graduates from high school in about 4 weeks. I don't want my job to keep me from getting ready for this big day in my life. I've hired another agent to cover for me the month of May. Plus, my oldest child graduates from Princeton Theological Seminary a week before my son. The fam will be taking a road trip to Princeton and I've already booked the hotel room. So that's done. My house is very messy and dirty and my laundry is spilled out all over my bedroom floor. Inches of dust. I'm trying to hire an assistant to work 10 hours a week and help me with tedious but important paperwork to free me up to do what I need to do to earn a living: See the People.

So that's why I've not been updating my online diary. Very busy.

The cabinets are finally installed with their new knobbies and pulls. The granite counter & sink & faucet are in. I still have to install the "scribe" to hide the "seams." For four weeks I tried about 10 different paint colors. I'm not exagerating.. paint cans were every where. I settled on a celery green that I really don't like. I just wanted to be done. My floors need replaced and I hope I can afford to replace them this year. Amazingly, I got the taxes done in time with no extension. Now on to FAFSA. :(

Tomorrow is church and our new church starts very late, so I have the luxury of sleeping in and take my time getting ready. After church, it's right back to work with a listing appointment.

So, for now, I'm sipping my coffee and just taking a deep sigh.

to da lou, for now.


  1. Glad to hear the market is picking up! Wonderful news! Congrats to both soon to be graduates in your household! Jobs well done!