Monday, April 23, 2012

April Happenings

This isi on the wall of the church we attend. Because of the location there often homeless people sleeping nearby.
Our cat isn't homeless, he found a shoe box to sleep in.

Sam turned 18 years old.
The Easter Bunny still visited our house even though we don't have wee ones.

Becca had a birthday too.

Becca and I also went to see Hunger Games.


  1. happy birthday to Sam and Becca! I hear the hunger games is a good movie/book, haven't read or seen either. Such a sad situation with the homeless, we do what we can, but there just seems to be so many of them :(

    I'm thinking all in all April has been a good month for you and yours


  2. That's a mighty nice Easter bunny to leave a Keurig. I LOVE mine!

  3. Happy Birthday Sam and Becca. Love the kitty in a box.