Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stuff, Nerdy Stuff, & Fun Stuff

I've not been in a blogging mood and I've been a little frustrated with my life. But I'm putting one foot in front of the other, thank God, so I'll get there. I have closed on three properties since January 1, and I have four properties in contract. My listing inventory is so low because I've sold it. I only have two so-so buyers, and a third buyer-if-my-house sells. So I need to scoot myself into the public eye and See The People. I've been so busy I haven't cleaned or done my taxes. I got sick one day last week, and that was my body's way of telling me to lie around all day long and do nothing.

Meanwhile we are sort of in a church family now. So today I'll be going to church. Then in the evening we're going out to din-din with some special friends. We're going to a local cuban-fusion joint here in my little town.

Other funness is I entered a contest on Facebook and I won. A SpecialTea Place sent me a wonderful package of tea blends. These tea blends are wonderful. The best I've ever had and that's not just because I won. If you go to her fb page scroll down to see how she did the contest winner "reveal." So sweet.

Living in a university town and being an alumni offers so many opportunities for learning new things. My husband and I went to an event to learn about a new library at The OSU. It's a cartoon library. The program lasted two hours with a lecture and exhibit. Who knew cartooning was so fascinating?

Cartoon Library

I also went to a jewelry party at my niece's apartment. Her sorority sisters and co-workers came to the party. I bought some jewelry and I have no idea why I did this: I signed up to be a host. O me o my. At the time it sounded like a good idea.

As for the house, I still have NO KITCHEN SINK!!!


  1. Congratulations on the house sales! And winning a contest too. My sister used to sell Sarah Coventry jewelry and I'd get roped into hosting those parties too. Always so awkward to invite friends to come and buy something. A house without a kitchen sink does put living off kilter.

  2. It is nice to find a church family. Congrats on winning the tea. I used to give parties for all kinds of products when I was younger. It can be fun for people.

  3. I didn't have your email address, so I'm leaving a comment here :) If you are interested, I can send you that book "Imaginary Jesus". I am not going to read it again and I can't sell it since it was given free as a review, so I usually pass them on to someone who is interested or to Goodwill, etc. Email me your address,, I'll send it media mail, cheap, just takes a week or so to get there. Would be happy to do so!


  4. About the only thing my wife of 56 years ever tried to sell were those plastic-like dishes called "Tupperware."

    Since I was hacked I had to give up my old user name and the blogs that went with it.

    So this is the new birds blog and I hope you can come visit. Birds Birds Birds and Birds