Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Vernal Equinox

Every Spring for many years my friend has a Vernal Equinox party. Everyone brings a pound of fruit for the brandywine crock. I brought strawberries for the crock. I signed my name in their party guest book and recorded what I brought. I was given two bottles of 2011 brandywine, which was started last spring. After I put my bottles away in my car, I came back in the house and picked out a small brandy glass (sniffer). They have a large collection of little glasses which they've bought over the years at garage sales and thrift stores. It's perfect for parties because each glass is unique. I don't have to worry which glass is mine when I set it down.

Then my friend cooked up Eggs Benedict in the kitchen which is the only time throughout the year that I have eggs benedict. I enjoy this visit out into the countryside. The 40 minute drive this morning was glorious. Rolling hills of spring green decorated with trees covered in pinks and white blossoms. Perfect Mennonite and amish barns with white fences. Goats and horses and chickens all along the drive.

The quirky small town that they live in out in the middle of nowhere as an unusual history. There is a natural mineral spring with magnetic fields in it. Back in the early 1900s there were hotels which would pump the spring water into baths and people with polio and other ailments would come to stay to soak in the magnetic spring water. President FDR came and stayed entire summers and opened a "camp" for children with polio to come and swim in pools of the magnetic water.

Sadly, the ENTIRE town burned to the ground. Only a couple old store fronts remain and a small post office.

Inside my friend's house is like a museum and I enjoy looking at her collections of plants, herbs, flowers, rocks, "found" oddities and trinkets.

After my journey into the countryside, I picked up my mom and went to the SOL's condo. She prepared a wonderful hearty meal and my nephew was in town from Colorado. So nice to see my nephew.

I had a closing on Friday, so Saturday I did absolutely nothing to celebrate. I loved doing nothing all day.

It was a great weekend.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! What a nice tradition with the party and the brandywine! Interesting place she lives indeed! Thanks for sharing this; enjoyed reading it :)

    (I put book in the mail on Friday :)


  2. Sounds like so much fun. Where I grew up is not far from Warm Springs, GA. FDR went to the springs there for his polo. They have redone the pool that FDR used. It is a beautiful little town. I still have relatives that live there. I need to take my kids to see the "Little White House".

  3. Sounds lovely! I love doing nothing all day too.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful tradition, and the brandywine sounds divine.