Sunday, February 19, 2012

I went to lunch with this man I just met


  1. I'm a little scared he is famous and I don't know who he is! Well, he is good-looking and I hope you had a good time.

  2. Wow. Rick Santorum. You really know how to pick lunch dates.

  3. I'm afraid I've become to pessimistic to believe that any of the candidates can get us out of the mess our country is in. Did you know that included in the health bill is a sales tax on all houses sold? I think it starts in 2013. Part of the Agenda 21 nonsense I suspect.

    1. Yes I did know that about the sales tax on Home sales to help pay for the costs of the health care bill. Crazy huh? Our Republican rep voted for it because he says it's "new" revenue rather than take from medicare or medicaid or ss, etc. I wasn't sure about Senator Santorum as he voted pro-labor and for higher taxes and took lots and lots of money for his state. I just wanted to hear him for myself when I had the lunch opportunity. I am with you--very pessimissitc..