Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cistine Chapel is in my house!

At least it feels like an amazing spiritual work of art to me. A friend, also a client, did the work. The before photo, if there was one, would show canary yellow walls with 33 year old cracked fiberglass tub and surround, with 33 year old fixtures. Gross.

The story of this bathroom redo is a story of trust and submission.

I asked my friend, a contractor, to give me a quote to replace the tub and surround with new fiberglass stuff. He gave me a proposition instead. Here's what he said, "How about I bless you with a porcelain tub and tile surround and porcelain tile floor, new fixtures, everything. No extra costs except materials & my gasoline. The catch is I must start right away, AND you give me control and have no say in the project." (He didn't say it like, but that was the proposal) What was in it for him? First, and honestly, it was to bless me. Second, a marketing project for his website. You would think I would be happy about the proposition. I nearly said "no, but thanks." A home is a reflection of one's soul. The place you retreat to from the world. It's the place you spring out from to greet and embrace your life. Color preferences are as uniquely personal as snowflakes are designed. Style is gloriously special to each person. The one thing I have learned in my business is that every man's home is his castle.

With anxiety I turned the design reigns over to my friend with one request: please don't make it brown. This bath is where I start my day and where I end it. I need luminosity, joy, and brilliant color (thus the canary yellow).

As the tile went up my heart fell down. Brown. What had I done to myself? So, as usual, I prayed about it. I went to our new home church (yes, we finally are "in" a church!) and the pastor preached on submission. This was a sermon I had never in 30 years heard before. Submitting to others is something we don't want to do because we don't trust them. The reality is, we don't trust God to take care of us. As we submit to others in our lives, one to another, realize we are submitting to God and trusting Him to care for us.

Right there I began to submit to the artist in my home. I submitted to his decision and control over my very haven, the place I live my life. The place I come in dirty, and the place I leave all clean with mascara and lipstick (and hopefully some earrings). After the service I asked for prayer ministry over my business. Through the prayer ministry the Holy Spirit poured God's Love into me. The Beatles were absolutely right, "All You Need is Love" Love is the answer to everything. Submission is part of Love.

I had real estate work morning, noon, & night Monday and Tuesday. So I wasn't there when the job was finished. I walked into my bathroom and I was (and still am) amazed. I never would have dreamed little ole me would have such a beautiful bathroom. Yes, it's brown. I absolutely LOVE it.


  1. Mom, that is one stunning bathroom! I can't wait to come for a visit just so I can take a bath in there!!! HE did such a great job!!!

  2. Beautiful! Lessons in every facets of life. Even bathrooms!

  3. That is one pretty bathroom. He did a really wonderful job. I love that brown tile.

  4. I think it is lovely too! The fixtures are great. I'm so glad you are happy.

  5. When I see it, I don't think "brown". I mean, "brown" makes me think I'd see something that looked like mud. That looks peaceful, beautiful, tan, beige, cream, golden. I love it, too! I also love your picture with Rick Santorum. Very cool!