Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 is Heading Down the Track

A few days after Christmas I could feel it creeping up on me. Add some real estate stress and I had a full-blown attack of "the Pain." It was bad. By day two I gave in and popped a narcotic that I'm slightly allergic to. It did nothing to relieve my pain. Just sent me to the moon for awhile while I scratched all over. Still suffering, but able to walk, I went to the Zoo Wild Lights to walk around on New Year's Eve. I wanted to celebrate the end of the year in some way. It was a brisk, pleasant evening of  colorful lights, music, and seeing animals at night. We stopped at the Grill where my son works at the zoo and got a little meal to eat outside too. I needed it.  See that strange hat on my head? I've lost my favorite winter hat so I put on this mink fur hat my Great Aunt T left me. It usually sits in a powder blue hat box in my closet not on my head. She probably bought the hat in the 40's. It looks like a mushroom.

You can't tell from this photo, but the polar bears were so, so cute. A keeper was throwing them fish from behind us one at at time and they were so adorable waiting for their night time snacks.

The following days were spent working and I am very happy that I have three homes in contract now and two to close this month!

The cabinet installation project started up again after New Year's Eve, too. However, after two days, it has come to another complete halt! When I went to pick out my granite (at three different vendors, no less) I learned I had a big problem with my kitchen design.No one caught the flaw in our design except the last guy I talked to. Not the three kitchen designers that helped me. Not the previous two granite fabricators. Well, better now than when the granite arrives unable to be installed! I had order another cabinet from the manufacturer. This means the cabinets won't be completed for another MONTH! No kitchen sink for another month!.

No worries. I've been to Haiti and among the Amish. If they can do it, I can do it.

My oldest kiddo is in Israel right now. Cool, huh?

Well, gotta go. I want to get back to the Tim Tebow game. I jumped on that train about a month ago. I love me some Tim Tebow and I'm thinking of launching some sort of plan to get my daughter married to him. Kate Middleton's mother thoughtfully executed a plan to get her daughter married to a prince. I'm already imagining the mother-in-law suite in my NFL quarterback son-in-law's house.

Of course I'm KIDDING! I love my daughter's boyfriend. He is, however,  a huge Tebow fan. So maybe he won't take it too personally.

To da lou!


  1. Congratulations on the house sales! Good to hear that somewhere homes are being sold! I think your hat looks pretty snazzy. Sounds like you'll have a really nice kitchen when it's finished. Bet it will worth the wait.

  2. The zoo lights looks like it would be so much fun. I can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen.

  3. I had to look up Tim Tebow. He's a football player! I love going to live football games, but I don't watch on TV. My hubby and I had season tickets in Vancouver to watch the BC Lions. Man, I miss that.

    I'm sorry about your pain but glad you could get out New Years Eve. The hat looks great. I have a blogger friend who wears nothing but vintage clothing.

  4. Good luck with your schemes....oops plans I mean plans:)

  5. That would be awesome if your daughter married Tim Tebow! He is definitely a catch. Sorry you were in pain. I'm glad that narcotic helped it go away for a little bit, at least. I hope you'll tell us some stories about your son's trip to Israel. :)

  6. When I take pain medicine, I see things like those polar bears out of the corner of my eyes :)