Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top Cabinets Up

I left the camera at my office, or I'd give you a peek. Instead I would love some advice. Advice on Junk

The new upper cabinets are up. They are beautiful. It's very exciting to see the transformation in progress.

Now for the hard part. 16 years of "stuff" have been crammed and stored in those old cabinets. I don't want this ugly stuff to go back into my new beautiful cabinets. I get a chance to organize everything and make it all look so pretty.

Yet my brain is keeping me from moving forward. Junk is all over the kitchen floor as I try to sort through what I've kept over the years. What on earth do I do with this kind of stuff:

Example: Vintage glasses from 1971 The Ohio State University Buckeyes commemorating our beloved coach Woody Hayes. I think my mom gave them to me 15 years ago. My husband is certain his sister gave them to us back in 1989. We don't know who's right. Thousands of Buckeye fans had these glasses back in 1971. We don't drink out of them. We never will. Only three are left of the set of 6. I don't entertain. I probably never will. But throwing them away is like throwing away a part of my teenage years. I'd be throwing away the memories of my parents' football Saturday parties with all their friends in our home shouting at the TV and eating fabulous food. Those are such good memories. Memories I thought I'd make with my new family, but it never, ever happened. And, never will. I won't drink out of them as they're delicate and break easily. They're super cool to look at. Yet, ugly. They're a super, big nostalgic blast to hold in your hand. Yet, they're just ugly and useless.

What to do? Pitch them? Give them away? Store them in the basement? And if I store them, why? & if I give them away, why? Honestly, the paint on them is probably leaded and dangerous to drink from. Oh, my dear Buckeyes, I will still love you even if I toss the evidence of your multiple championships in the 60's and 70's--I will still love you, won't I?

Any advise out there?


  1. I think you answered your own question. If it hasn't been used, isn't likely to be used, and storing it creates even more problems, then it has to go. Time to rid yourself and your cabinets of those buckeye memories! Easy for me to say - I'm an Illinois fan. If it was something commemorating the Fighting Illini, I'd advise you to hang on to it:)

  2. I'd keep them! There's only 3, right? And they mean a lot to you? I mean, you can't keep everything, but I'd keep those I think.

  3. Rae, I had to chuckle at that--easy for you to say... ha ha.
    Thanks Kelley! I can't keep everything that's for sure.

  4. Have you considered posting them on eBay or similar? Bet there's some fans out there who would LOVE to have even three of these to display -- or three more to add to their collection!


  5. Pearl, I think it would interesting to see who would want them! LOL I just might do that!