Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tellin' on Myself

I was sitting at my desk in my little house in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. The doorbell rang? Huh? I wasn't expecting anyone? The UPS guy? Oh, I hope so! I peeped through my peep hole and it was a neighbor. A neighbor I have never spoken to. For the past 16 years I've seen him every day walk his dog, and we wave. That's all. I opened the door to this stranger-neighbor and he asks me with a very serious tone, "Will that rubbish be picked up tomorrow morning?" I looked out to the street where three of my old cabinets sat in the rain. I hadn't made arrangements for the old cabinets to be hauled away yet. I wasn't sure if bulk pick up would take them or not. I figured I'd just put them out front there until I could arrange for a dumpster. I was a little nervous my neighbors were hating me right now with those ugly things sitting by the street.

"Oh, those old cabinets," I asked. Yes, he answered. Since I was afraid the cabinets bothered him I just smiled & replied, "Yes, tomorrow they'll be gone." I thought to myself I'll just move them to the back yard in the evening and so they'll be gone tomorrow morning.

Instead, the neighbor perked up and said, "oh good! I'm going to put out an old tv with your stuff so they can pick it up" He saw the look on my face and said "trust me, they'll pick it up with your cabinets. I just didn't want to stick it out there if they were going to sit out there for a week."

Ok, I thought. I didn't want to tell him, "hey, I just lied to you cuz I thought you were offended by them. Instead I just smiled and shut the door.

My 17 year old son came into the room and as he was putting on his shoes, he says, "who the heck is outside our house?" I asked, "does he have a TV." He said, "yes, he's putting a huge TV by our sidewalk." I proceeded to tell on myself to my son about my predicament about lying to the neighbor. My son shook his head at me in disbelief. Then he went outside to investigate the TV.

So, we now have a tv in the basement. And, there remain my cabinets in the still down pouring rain. I guess I should get working on a bulk pick up or ordering a dumpster.


  1. I love this story. It just makes me giggle. I've done the same thing myself with polite lies. Glad your son got a TV.

  2. So funny, but I can imagine myself doing the very same thing.

  3. I cannot believe someone has not picked them up yet. I have never had a problem having things scavenged from the end of the driveway.

  4. That is a funny story! I mean, not that funny for you because you still have the cabinets out there, but the situation was funny. That's obviously why you posted it! So, the TV must work or is it just sitting there broken in the basement?

  5. Ken, that made me chuckle. Honestly, I was hoping they'd be taken by a passerby.
    Kelly, yes the tv works. So now my son & husband can watch football while working out.

  6. Good, I'm not the only one who dumps my old furniture on the curb! You're funny! And congrats on the new tv!