Friday, December 16, 2011

Pray for Business Owners

If you're the praying type I have a Christmas prayer request for you. As you drive or walk past a small business, pray for the owner. If you have a friend with a small business whether it's a store, service business, even the person who cuts your hair is a small business owner, please pray for them! Why? You have no idea, unless you've been there, what they're going through emotionally.

It isn't the money that was put out for the business, or the borrowed money from friends and family or investors, or borrowed from the bank or credit cards that was put out into the universe on faith alone. It isn't the loss of that money. It isn't even the feeling of being "underwater" or "failing." The emotional pain comes from the sacrifice of time, sacrifice of family time, sacrifice of vacations, the hard hard work 6 - 7 days a week.

You may think, oh they have business coming in, but looks can be decieving. It would almost be easier if the loss of income coincided with "unemployment." It's one thing to be unemployed and and have no money coming in. It's another to be out of bed by 7 am and running, spending money, schmoozing, keeping positive attutudes for others, putting your best foot forward. Putting out fires. Dealing with other people's anger and entitlement attitudes. Not getting home until well after dark. Eating fast food and doing without daily needs met because you are scrambling to satisfy multiple people's needs, and people are counting on you to make it happen.

And all for . . . nothing. The small revenue coming in goes to . . . past business debts. . . while personal daily living expenses continue to go unmet. Work, for, nothing.

Small Business Owner's need your prayers! Pray first for their hearts and minds to be rooted and grounded in love. To trust that all their needs will be met. To rest. To believe. To have faith. To have joy. To have peace that passes understanding. Then prayer for prosperity of their community, for their business to be "found" by those with money and needs.

Pray that their income would increase to pay off their debts, plus meet their payroll and accounts payable, and for daily needs that are needed just to live on this planet! For extra tips, for appreciation from customers! For a jobs well done! And, money left over to help fulfill those dreams and hopes that were completely lost. The dreams they had when they started the business to make a difference in their community and to help their family, friends, and those in need. Dreams restored. Faith renewed. Prosperity is not a dirty word!


  1. Never thought of praying for them. That is a good reminder to do so!


  2. I will do this. I am sorry that many people are having a hard time during this economic crisis.

  3. I frequent the small businesses whenever possible.

  4. Oh, this is so good!! I will remember your post when I see small businesses and go to get my haircut. You are so, so right about everything. Thanks for opening our eyes!