Saturday, December 3, 2011

Darn It's Christmas Time

It's not that I'm disappointed. In fact, for the first time, I don't feel like a humbug. I'm actually excited about the lights, decorations, music. I do like Christmas. The problem is I am once again not ready with preparations in any way. I like celebrating. I like preparing. It just didn't happen (again). Each year I say I'll start in July. I don't. Each year I say I'm going to decorate starting Thanksgiving Day. It's never happened.

Now, my perpetually messy house is really torn apart because we finally bought some cabinets and are installing them in our "free time." I feel like laughing hysterically at that statement: "our free time."

Last night, Becca and I spent the evening an hour north of here at a special worship service where we also received personal ministry. We didn't get home until 12:30 am. I hadn't been in church for a month because of either pain or my travels. So, I felt very happy to be in the "house" again even if it was with such a diverse bunch of crazies. I love these crazy people so I say that with a warmth in my heart.

We arrived home at 12:30 am to my messy house and I found that my husband had taken down two cupboards, cleaned the cat pan, did two loads of laundry, and emptied out the last upper cupboard to be torn down.

Today while I was working real estate for six hours, he took the rest of the upper cabinets down, brought the rest of the new cabinets into the house from the harsh weather. He did more laundry. Plus, amazingly, he made our son pick out his Senior Portrait clothes.

Wow. I argued with a stubborn son for two weeks about senior portraits. You will wear a suit, no I won't, yes you will, no I wont, yes you will.... sigh. who cares if you wear a suit. Thanks to a stubborn father there will be a photo shoot with a suit jacket. (no pants though) -- nice compromise. The photo shoot is tomorrow morning and it is absolutely the last possible day to have his photo taken and still get in the yearbook. Fingers crossed they turn out ok, because there is no time to get them redone.

Back to Christmas. I don't know how I'm going to celebrate the holiday actually. I always have these expectations that Christmas will be special, very "holy", very intentional in my celebrating. Yet, this has only happened maybe twice my entire life.


  1. I do hope the senior pictures turn out good! Son lucked out; no suit jacket; their requirement was polo shirts, he was happy about that.

    I bet the cabinets will look good when finally done but I'm never fond of work being done around the house; I don't like the inconvenience of it all.

    Sounds like a good service at church last night!


  2. Your husband is a trooper! Good for him. I was raised as Christmas being mostly about gifts and Santa, so I don't expect much. But I am so grateful Jesus came down to live and die for me.

  3. I bet your son's portraits will come out great. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.