Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Recap

Christmas Eve was spent at Walmart, locked away in my room wrapping gifts, and Olin tearing apart the kitchen. His frustration and confidence was at an all time high and low, as step one of putting in the remaining kitchen cabinet was not going well. A pipe wouldn't solder. Thankfully we have the internet with it's trusty advise. He stuck some balled up Wonder bread inside the pipe and it worked. By then it was evening, so all the other steps in the construction process came to a halt. Which means I can't use the kitchen sink until well after Christmas holidays.

Late in the day I emerged from my Santa elf workroom to a magical moment. The tree sparkled and glowed with lights, tinsel, shiny ornaments! It had been transformed by Becca. The entire undecorated room suddenly became enchanted. This is probably the most beautiful tree I've even gotten. ( I think I say that every year).

It was just the four of us for a small Christmas Eve dinner around the tiny cafe table in my torn apart kitchen. Now to clean it up without a kitchen sink. It's like camping, only inside the house.
Near midnight, I forced the sleepy family into the car for a drive down town to see a 50 year-old nativity display that I enjoy at State Auto Ins. It's a beautiful life-sized nativity. We weren't the only ones there either. It was freezing! We tried not to rush through the display and jumped up and down to stay warm. In one photo you will see Becca reinacting the role of the angel, and Sam is acting the role of Mary as depicted in the display.

Driving home we passed several churches as the multitudes left their sanctuaries for midnight candlelit services. We drove through a quaint older neighborhood on a hillside that overlooks the skyline. Luminaries lined the sidewalks. After a Christmas cookie I fell into bed.

The sun is up, a breakfast casserole is in the oven. We all await the dad to finish wrapping his gifts (a Christmas tradition-last minute gift preparation by the dad).

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. I pray that JOY, PEACE, HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE will fill your hearts, minds, and homes today!



  1. Looks like a great Nativity. Merry Christmas.

  2. I love the nativity scene! It was at a place called State Auto Ins? Like insurance? Love it! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas Eve in your camping-like conditions!