Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Wall of Hights

This spot in my house is between the kitchen and the family room, a very open area. I was silly to start measuring the people in our house, friends, visitors, and pets on this wall. Kids took over the practice at various ages. See where Sam wrote "wall of hights" when he was 7? Yes, we know an "e" is missing.

A foot off the ground written in faded blue marker is"Princess 10/2002" where someone measured our Corgi. Way up higher are other precious names & dates, and someone even measured how high they could lift their foot. In reflection, it's disappointing that some of the measurements have faded and worn off over 16 years. In fact I painted over the wall once prior to 2000 because I was going to sell the house. So there's 5 years of measurements missing. Yet, it's right in the open where everyone can see all its pencil smudges and magic marker markings. My advice to young folk setting up your home: Don't do this. Scroll below and you can see where to buy off etsy an attractive measuring vinyl hanging that can be taken down and put away, and you won't lose those precious measurements of life. I can't bring myself to paint over this wall. So here it remains all out in the open.


  1. I have to agree; I like the one from eTSY, but I think the idea is a cute one! So many memories though I bet when you look at the wall of "hights" :)


  2. Height markings help make it home. I do like the etsy one so you could take it with you.