Monday, October 31, 2011

Leggings & Leg Warmers

I was reading another blogger's post that they bought their first pair of leggings and I had to laugh out loud at the memory of my first pair of legwarmers. They also happened to be my last pair of legwarmers too. It was winter of 1981. I was a college student and I was working for a law firm in downtown Cincinnati. The movie Flashdance was a big hit about a dancer in NY and she was always wearing these legwarmers. They are these bulky sweaters that you pull on over your shoes up to your knees. They are like socks on steroids and they slouch and sag as part of the look.

So I bought these dark, navy blue leggings and legwarmers. I pulled the leg warmers over my ankle high boots with their little western heal. I had a giant-sized sweater on over top of this get up, that looked like a tunic and it was intentionally too big, so it would fall off one shoulder. It was the 80's. My blonde hair was super wavy back then and in the humid damp air I had some big-hair going on with big ear rings. I thought I was so fashion up-to-date as I walked into the law office for work.

The 40-something year old secretaries all looked up from their typewriters (that's right-typewriters!) at me as I stepped off the elevator. And I saw it. They all stifled a laugh when they caught a look at me. It confirmed to me my suspicions were correct. I looked silly. The next day it was back to my skinny jeans, hiking boots and leather blazer.


  1. great story Mom.
    I've actually been searching for some thick black knit leg warmers. so if you see any let me know!