Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday and H.I.V.

Today I have much real estate work to do. On that subject, it can be tiring to work hard, and not get paid. But overall in general I am satisfied in the work I do.

Before I begin all the research, contract writing, and emails, I want to put down on my little blog my thoughts. Since I didn't get a day rest yesterday, Sunday, I feel I can 20 minutes and write a blog, and put some of this urgent work aside for 20 minutes.

At the funeral home I learned that my friend died of pnemonia because his body couldn't fight the HIV and the other infections he would get. This I heard from his father. My first thought is one of thankfulness that the father spoke matter of factly about his son's illness. To me it was a comfort in some way that his family accepted as he was and loved him and didn't run and hide from shame. I think the devil wants to blast people with shame and fear. Did their son live a clean life? No. But, he was still a beautiful soul and someone to be loved and cherished.

My other thoughts kept me up all night. When this young man start hair dressing school my husband would notice him driving past our house with his "friends" and the lifestyle that this young man was living grieved my husband greatly. Thinking back to those years, which only a few years, I am angry at the hair industry. I am angry at Hollywood. I am angry at the corruption that Hollywood and the fashion industry wants to force upon the creative people who pursue a career in art, whether it's fashion, acting, etc.

If you'll remember a blog post I wrote back in October 2009 about a horrible hair cut got from a young man who is the son of Pentecostal preacher and gay. The young man told me that when men entire the Paul Mitchell Hair School they are harrassed by the teachers and students if they claim they are straight. That made me angry when I heard him tell me this.

After seeing my friend's lifeless body, at such an incredibly young age, I am angered again.

This is truly a culture of death that we live in. If you watch tv, go to movies, listen the radio, interact with people, we are in a culture of death. Every thing is pushing and influencing to people to accept unhealthy living as acceptable and not just acceptable but tempting them to pursue unclean lifestyles.

I am feeling grief over this stolen, creative life. This is guy that would say, "hey! how are you?" and give you a hug and act like he was happy to see you.

I really, really hate the devil right now.

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