Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trulia Are You Evil?

I'm just a little spooked here this morning for the second time. Our internet world is getting weirder and scarier to me by the day. I'm not sure I like how connected the whole internet world is and how the websites have programs that guess what sort of things you like to buy and are interested in by your IP address.

So this morning it happened again. I'm on blogger just moseying about while I sip my fresh brewed bold cup of coffee. Then all of a sudden a Trulia banner appears, WITH MY PHOTO in it telling me I can upgrade my Trulia account and get all my listings sold faster!

How did Trulia do that? It didn't happen on just Blogger either. Last night I was on some random website looking for inspiration and it happened there too!

It feels sort of Big Brother-ish from the book 1984.

Some times I think the Amish are completely right with their philosophies about technology.

Well, good morning. If you're on the internet, my face is probably popping up in a banner on your page somewhere inviting you to search for homes in Ohio!

To Da Lou


  1. That is weird. Are you on Facebook? Maybe it got your picture from there (if your picture is posted there) and incorporated it into a banner that only you can see? Technology is great, as we all know, but I have to agree with your thoughts about the Amish. We've given up something of ourselves by getting and staying connected through the Internet.

    hope it is cooling down for you!


  2. That's creepy! It's never happened to me before, and I hope it never does.