Monday, June 13, 2011

Almost Full Moon on Monday

So today I am pain free. I will not start another blog post this way. I don't like to count my days, or have my life revolve around whether or not I'm in pain. I am, however, celebrating in my soul the luxorious feeling of freedom. The humidity is low, the temps in the 70's, big puffy amazing clouds and the moon is out during the daytime, almost full.

Before 8:30 am I was up and dressed, with makeup and high heals, and a business suit and a leopard print gauzy-like ruffled top. I even wore earrings. I had a house on the 9:00 am tour and I'm sure folks thought I was way too happy and chipper for a Monday morning as I arrived at the country club. I answered a lengthy email before I even got out of bed and had my coffee. It's time to live and you don't know how long you have to live it!

Yesterday, I worshipped at a Vineyard church that I had visited a few times. I'm not sure if it's my home church yet or not. The man who led me to Jesus back in January, 1984 gave the sermon. He is the brother of a very dear friend, but I knew him first when I was in college. Then he introduced me to his sister and we've been friends ever since. Someday I shall blog about the day that is in my mind forever when my friend, B---, told me something really wonderful had happened to him. We were at Max and Erma's restaraunt. But, that blog is for another day.

This Vineyard church that I attened yesterday was started and is pastored by my friends' nephew. I do like the nephew's preaching a lot. Most Vineyard types don't preach. They teach, and are very calm and don't break a sweat. I like the kind of preaching where the preacher paces back and forth and sweats and screams at you. Yes, I love that kind of preaching. So the nephew does a good job at teaching and being Vineyard, California cool, but he will get very passionate at times and start yelling. I love that.

So, my friend, the Uncle to the pastor, did the preaching yesterday and my friend is a pretty good bible teacher. At least I think so. He didn't do any yelling or sweating or pacing. The topic was gossipping. And, I thought to myself "I don't gossip. That's not my problem."

Back to this morning and the Realtor tour. I arrive at the country club just before the meeting starts and the dining room is full. I grab a seat with some agent friends from other brokerages. After gushing at each other about how great we all look, I exclaim, "Hey everybody let me tell you about the AWFUL property inspector I had yesterday!" "Tell us his name so we can hate him," they actually said this to me. Suddenly I realized I was gossiping. Oh my goodness! I am a gossip! I said, You guys the sermon at church was about gossipping I just realized I'm gossiping. No you're not they all said you are protecting us from a bad property inspector. Tell us his name. Tell us his name. I spilled his name, not sure if it was the right thing to do. Oh yeah, I know him someone said. He can be difficult.

Then later in the car with two other agents I started gossiping AGAIN! I took the back seat as we drove all over my town to view about 9 houses. I can't believe this I told the gals, one is a lot younger than me. I am a gossip. No you're not they said. Tell us more, tell us more!

Who knew I was a gossip? I had no idea I was so bad. Well, it's stopping. No more "venting" to other agents about the hardships of personalities we deal with. The bible says God really hates gossip, so I must cut this out! I really thought I was this person that people can trust. Man. I guess I'm not as discreet as I thought. New day. New tomorrow. With my new self-awareness I will keep my tongue in it's proper place and my lips zipped.

After church yesterday I had a 3 1/2 hour property inspection. But I already told you that. My husband and I got Chinese take out for dinner and ate it on the couch while we watched the Miami Heat lose to the Dallas Mavericks. I was bummed. I'm a LeBron fan.

Friday night my husband and I went to the Movie Tavern. We got food and drinks at our little table and we watched, "Judy Moody" I am not kidding. I was so excited to see Judy Moody and I felt lucky my husband would go to the theatre with me to see it. Well.... I didn't like it. It was true to the books so I can't complain. However, it was for 3 and 4 year olds. I thought it would be like a Disney movie where parents can catch a laugh too. No. It's for babies. The place was full of babies too. I mean full of babies! We still had fun though. I almost had twisted my 17 year old son's arm to go see it with us. I thought of him killing zombies at home with his friends on the xbox and laughed out loud imagining if I had succeeded in dragging him to Movie Tavern with me to wathc Judy Moody. ha ha. That would have been hilarious.

I worked a long day today and just as I was settling in at home in complete 70 degree luxury with a cup of tea and home made cookies and really good book outside in patio chair, I got an email on my phone. Problem on a contract. sigh. Printing. phone calls. emails. for now the problem is put on hold until tomorrow. Hopefully, I can finish this book. It's written by my broker's daughter in law and it's basically Desperate Housewives set in my home town. It's been fun reading my town in this novel and all the little spots and people I know thrown in to the story. She's a great writer and it's been a fun read. Can't wait to finish it.

To Da Lou.


  1. glad you are feeling a bit better for the moment!! I used to have a problem with enjoying gossip but you are right, God doesn't like it. When someone tells me something, before I hear it, I ask them "will you tell this to the person you are talking about? because if you won't, then I don't want to hear it because it is gossip" I try to live like that too. Won't speak about someone unless I am willing to tell them to their face what I will say about them when they aren't there.

    the movie sounds cute. I had seen it at movie marquees but had no idea what it could be about (still really don't other than based on book series and written for young ones :)


  2. Good post. Trying NOT to gossip is tough, I think we all struggle with it.
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  3. What a thought-provoking post! Gossip is a hard habit to break, for sure! But of course if we persevere, anything is possible, right? :)

    I hope all goes well with your pain and your contract.



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