Friday, June 3, 2011

A Long, Long Summary

It stopped raining in Ohio about a week ago.

I've continued working the business every single day. I long for a true Sabbath rest, but being "on-call" I never really get a break, break. I take little moments, instead, with a mug of fresh coffee & a granola bar and watch and listen to the birds around my house. Or, I turn on trashy t.v. like Judge Mathis in Detroit.

Through April and May I watched Celebrity Apprentice or Dancin with the Stars, and now I'm on to So You Think You Can Dance. I watch it with Twitter in hand and scroll through Twitter to read the oftentimes hilarous comments people make while wathcing the same show.
Donald Trump Jr even started to follow my Tweets and commented to me about the show. Yes, I was thrilled. I was reading a tweet today by a girl I have never met who said, "I miss Celebrity Apprentice and reading Donald Jr's tweets" I could actually relate. I am having Celebrity Apprentice withdrawals. I fell in love with LaToya Jackson and Gary Busey all over again and I miss seeing them on the tv at night.

I know it's a complete waste of time to watch t.v. Just starin at the electronic box with a beverage nearby and Twitter in my lap or palm. Perhaps it's my age, I'm just too lazy to do anything worthwhile at 9 o'clock at night.

I did read another Amish themed novel in April and May, and I need to blog about it for Blogging for Books.

We had a big, big party for my husband's mother's 90th birthday last Sunday. The celebration was planned by myself, my husband's niece and his sister. We divided the tasks and details up amongst us, so it wasn't too overwhelming. The problem was the party for 100 people was 2 1/2 hours away, it started immediately following a church service in the fellowship hall, and I had to haul enough meat, cheese, fixins for sandwiches, and picinic food salads up in the morning. So here's how it went down:

Rachael flew in on Thursday morning from Princeton and she and I went directly to the Andersons Market to place our order for 100 people. Plus, Rachael was hosting a wedding shower for her long time friend on Saturday. So, she bought her stuff, too, for the Italian themed shower. We took her stuff home and she went out to the craft stores with her sister Becca to get more shower stuff and to buy some 90th birthday decorations, too.

Friday was a very busy real estate day for me. I was hammering out contracts and putting files together, running off like crazy to show houses, back to the office, put finishing details in place on a closing. Then at noon I picked up a client and we headed out to the countryside to do a walkthrough of her new house. The closing took place another half hour away from her new house in the country. So off we went to the middle of nowhere to some attorney's office. The attorney ended up being a believer and the mother of an adopted girl from China. The people I was assisting are believers, too, and they started several orphanages in China. Small world, but the city the attorney went to get her daughter in China, was the same city my friends had an orphanage. Same timing, too. We felt it was another God thing that we all met.

To top it off, I got a nice check handed to me at the closing and off I went to the office, even though the office had long closed for the day. I put the file and check on the Administrative Assistants desk so she could deposit it Saturday morning.

Saturday, I headed to Gordon Foods, Walmart, Target, CVS, & Giant Eagle to get stuff for the birthday party and some things for the shower. I zoomed over to the party house with pitchers of Sangria that had been soaking over night. I oohed and ahhed at what Rachael and her girlfriends had done and cooked up for the shower. The food was awesome, as was the Sangria, and the shower a beautiful success. Kudos to Rachael and her friends. So we cleaned up there and I left Rachael to finish cleaning up my mom's condo where all the prep work was done.

Sunday morning the alarm went off at 6:00 am and we needed to leave at 7:00. I have never felt so tuckered out in my life. I pleaded to the point of tears with the Lord that He had to help me, and I mean HAD TO help me get the party started. I didn't want the day to start. I wanted to sleep. My body was in pain. Somehow through the hot shower and with some praising and some coffee I came to life. We got the food packed in coolers, and scooted up North. I could never, ever have gotten the work for the party done if wasn't for my kids and husband. Everyone pitched in putting tables and chairs up and decorations up in the fellowship hall. Planning the food table and how the crowd should flow through is like planning an airport operation.

Thankfully, Becca has had years and years of food service experience or I never would have known how to set up food trays for 100 people. I stayed in the kitchen through the party and served alongside my niece and her husband, who happens to be a professional event planner. I loved every minute of serving. I think I was born to serve people. I loved getting to spend time with my niece and her husband, too. The most important thing is my mother in law felt loved and honored by many, many friends and family.

At the end of the day we packed it all up and headed back South, arriving home around 10:00 pm. Wow. What a day.

Monday was a hot day, so we said goodbye to our red headed one in the morning and Becca and Olin and I went to my mom's condo pool. Ahhhhhh. Deep sigh. It felt like luxury lying in the sun and swimming around for a couple hours.

Real estate has kept me hopping this week, and I hope I'm in contract tonight. We've countered back and fourth several times. If you think of it, please pray it all work out for everybody involved! I often times feel I'm God's little "agent" assisting in getting His people where He wants them in His timing. However, the market is so bad I might have to get a nother job.

The photo below is the party just as folks were arriving from the service.

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  1. sounds like a great party for your MIL with lots of work involved! seems like you all pulled it off very well!! glad to hear the real estate market might be picking up a bit! I'm with you about Sabbath rest; I work a real weird schedule, then add in overtime when I can get it, then getting up early for church Sunday, I never feel day though

    Sometimes it is fun to get wrapped in a TV show or two; I know we enjoyed watching American Idol this year; I was a bit sad now that it is over and looking for something else to catch my interest on the background while I blog :)

    enjoy the weekend