Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Almost 30 Days Ago

I turned 50 years old. It's no big deal. My business isn't rocking and I don't feel successful, just in debt with no retirement funds. Then I start thinking things like, "my dad died when he was 69, so I might have 19 years left to live." Or, I think things like, "my friend died at 60 so I might have 10 years left." Or, "I might keel over dead any minute." These have often been my thoughts.
My thinking doesn't reflect the joyful reality of my life. One of my kiddos decorated a bed sheet that said Happy 50th, It cheered me. She made a pretty gar
land from paper cupcake holders and it's really cute. She also made a display of Sponge Bob Square Pants napkins surrounding a plate of homemade sand dollar cookies. Sponge Bob makes me happy and so does the beach. How blessed am I?

My day is shared with Father's Day and this celebration was fun, too. My other kiddo flew in for a wedding & bachelorette party, so she was there for the Father's Day gift opening. I had ordered English afternoon tea, biscuits, and a dainty tea cup from the Royal Palace souvenir shop in London, England for Mr. S.T.'s father's day gift. However, midway through the online ordering process last month, I cancelled the order when I realized the exchange rate is double between the pound and dollar. I was willing to pay $30, but the bill with shipping costs was over $120. But, what a surprise! A box arrived from London Buckingham Palace with all the items inside just a couple days before Father's Day. I was pondering what I should do with the box of stuff since I didn't pay for it (wanting to do the "right thing"), when I received an email from the Buckingham Palace souvenir shop saying they had made a mistake, but keep the items as a compliment.

Thanks Princess Kate! I'm quite sure it was Kate's first decision as the new Princess. She was strolling through the souvenir shop shipping department with her entourage and found my cancelled order. "Oh, I say,, look here, some poor ole chap in America can't afford a tea cup. I command you send it anyway!" And with a wave of her hand
the teacup, tea, and biscuits were shipped straight away to Ohio, USA.
My hubster is a complete romantic, drinks tea, and loves all things English. So he delighted in opening up his gift from all the way across the Atlantic ocean. His daughters also got him some special teas and a fancy glass cup with a lid from the cool tea
store, Teavana. He was charmed by these too and we had a nice little tea-time celebration.

More stuff happened like Sushi dinner downtown, and a new listing, blah, blah, blah.
The the son-in-law arrived for the wedding, too. So he and Rachael and Olin and I went to Movie Tavern and saw Paris at Midnight. A Woody Allen movie. If you like American Literature, you will really like this movie.

Here's the highlight of my entire year so far: we drove two hours to attend a house show concert of Josh Garrels. It was in a beautiful million dollar mansion. Lovely people were there, mostly 20's to 30's, and lots of them with big pregnant bellies and a few toddlers. Loved it. We met Josh and his wife and they are true Jesus followers and I left the concert feeling all goodness inside me. Do yourself a favor and download his new album for FREE at www.joshgarrels.com He is a gifted lyricist/poet. May I recommend also you go to Youtube and look for Josh Garrels Babylon & Zion and his other tunes. Oh you will love it, you will!
Then Saturday night after cutting the grass, we went to a wedding that my older kiddo flew in for. At the reception we ate and drank and danced with long time friends of the kiddo and ate and drank and danced again, and then went out for buffalo wings at midnight. This bordered on "too much fun."

Then Sunday, my husband and I went to a Spanish-speaking church. We didn't understand anything that was said or sung, but we understood completely what was going on and the Holy Spirit was there. There was about 70 people there. I got prayed over in Spanish since I had a birthday in June. That was great, because this lady really prayed a long prayer over me. Even though I didn't understand anything said, I felt more kindred to these folks than any other church I've been to in the past couple years. They do outreaches in urban areas and do all kinds of challenging, faith-required things. Things that aren't really practical, like approach street criminals and gangs, and other things that seem impossible. I love them. I really do.

So there's a lot more that has gone on around here, so I'll update again soon.

To Da Lou!


  1. funny story, shortly after we got home from Ohio, Kevin's friend Samuel came up to Kevin and said, "hey dude have you heard of Josh Garrels? You should check him out, you can download his album free online!" Word is spreading :)

  2. Happy belated birthday!! LOL, I'm 53, have no retirement funds and lots of debt; welcome to the club! Neat about the tea set; that was a nice unexpected gift!


  3. Happy late birthday! The Spanish church sounds interesting, I'll check out Josh Garrels, and getting the tea stuff for free is awesome. :)