Monday, May 23, 2011


I could hear thunder as I was slowly waking up. A casual thought came to my mind what if the beginning of the end did start yesterday. I never turn on the morning tv, but I did today because I had to fax contracts to Texas before it was 8 AM in Texas. I just wanted some noise going as I got files out and riffled through them, to help me get the grogginess out. Then the news I'm seeing now about the deaths in Missouri are so sad. Incredible tornado power blew through there. Was it yesterday or last night? I don't know. I saw a phone video of inside a Walmart and it sounded terrifying. Even a hospital was destroyed. People didn't pay attention to the sirens because they go off so much.

For these folks, May 21st may as well been the end of the world.

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  1. it has been a tough year weather wise this year, awful storms, tornados, earthquakes, etc. Such a sad siutation indeed! Makes us want to continue to pray and help as we can and get the message out about God and Jesus as best we can indeed.