Monday, May 23, 2011


I could hear thunder as I was slowly waking up. A casual thought came to my mind what if the beginning of the end did start yesterday. I never turn on the morning tv, but I did today because I had to fax contracts to Texas before it was 8 AM in Texas. I just wanted some noise going as I got files out and riffled through them, to help me get the grogginess out. Then the news I'm seeing now about the deaths in Missouri are so sad. Incredible tornado power blew through there. Was it yesterday or last night? I don't know. I saw a phone video of inside a Walmart and it sounded terrifying. Even a hospital was destroyed. People didn't pay attention to the sirens because they go off so much.

For these folks, May 21st may as well been the end of the world.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green Bean Delivery

Today was a Green Bean Delivery Day.

I enjoy coming home to a green bin on my porch and it feels like Christmas Day when I open it up and unload it. Fresh locally grown and organic foods like eggs, milk, veggies, oats, breads are inside.

Today I got big bunches of radishes, wild garlic, some basil, some cilantro.

For dinner I grilled some asparagus & broccoli and filled up on veggie burgers. Mmmm.
Besides, I hate going to a grocery store.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Doves Are Gone

The dove babies are all grown up. Here's Momma Dove saying goodbye to me. Here are the teenage doves a few days before they flew away. They grew so fast. We watched them grow from fuzzy, scruffy thumb-sized birds to doves that look just like their mother. Mr. S.T. said a little prayer for them as they went out into the world on their own. Be safe little doves. Godspeed.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Royal Wedding-a little late

Friday morning I awakened about 3:00 AM. Mr. S.T. got up too and started watching the festive goings on in England on our really old tv. So around 4:30 am we decided to hop in the car and go to this movie theatre which was showing the royal wedding on the screen. We got there at perfect timing, got fresh scones and some royal tea and settled into our theatre seats. The room was full of mostly women in all kinds of hats and fascinators. Behind us a young mommy was dressed in a darling spring cocktail dress with pink sweater and black feather fascinator perched on the side of her head. And her absolutely sweet 5 year old daughter was dressed in a gorgeous satin dress with hot pink ribbon, and a black feathery fascinator like her mom. So cute.

We watched the royal family arrive in their volkswagon busses, and jaguars and all of our fellow attenders were noshing and chatting and giggling along with us.

Then the ceremony began and the entire room we were in became quiet and entranced in the ceremony. It was a very holy, Christian Wedding ceremony. There was a charge that a marriage is ordained of God between a man and woman and that the couple should keep their bodies holy for each other and none others. The music was sacred hymns and the choir and orchestra were incredible. The gospel was explained. When it was over they walked out of the cathedral both Mr. S.T. and I felt like we had been in a wonderful church service.

I was ridiculed later in the day by some acquaintances and friends for "getting into that thing." My response is, "why wouldn't I want to celebrate such a happy occasion?" My husband and I started our work day a little late at 8:30 AM, joyful and glad in the afterglow.
Thanks, Will and Kate, for sharing your wedding with the entire world. May God Bless your lives together!