Friday, April 15, 2011

See the People

I know. Posting two days in row. Wow, what's up you might wonder? Procrastination. That's what's up. I had great plans for the business today.

Number 1: "Go into the Office" This is a sales success basic. Working from home can turn into.... planting pansies, digging up dandelions, washing the dishes, doing laundry, reading blogs....

Number 2: Stay in Touch with past clients and friends. This means pick up the phone and reach out to someone. ...

If you're in sales, and you don't call people, you won't make any money. Period. Today I just don't feel like working. I fear the rejection, even though I have never been rejected when I pick up the phone to call people. I'm always so surprised to hear such happy, cheerful voices on the other end exclaim, "Seriously Though! I'm so glad you called! How are you?" I don't know why I'm always surprised when people act like they are happy to see me. I guess I have "issues." Uh, I'm not guessing... I actually do have "issues." It's probably something from my childhood, but I honestly don't care for psychotherapy, so I will probably always get that knot in my stomach when I pick up the phone to call a past client.

My broker is a really old guy. He started the largest real estate brokerage in Ohio from his basement using an old door propped up on saw-horses as his desk. He called himself, The Helpful People. When he gives a motivational speach it is always the same:

Success is spelled:

S --- See the people

U --- U See the people

C -- C the people

C -- C the people

s E-- e the people

S -- See the people

S -- See the people

Even with twitter, facebook, blogging, and the internet nothing makes a more successful salesman than "being helpful" and "seeing the people" face to face.

I got a new listing this morning. A cute little condo that's fully updated and perfect for affordable housing. It's in an affordable neighborhood, but a safe neighborhood and tucked away like a little secret area. It overlooks a babbling brook and a woodsy nature preserve. It's cheap. And it qualifies for some free money from our wonderful government. This little listing came about because I saw some people a couple months ago. They were kind enough to give me a shot at selling it, even though it's been for sale for 6 months with another broker. The pressure is now on. Maybe that's why I don't want to pick up the phone. I might actually get a listing and have the responsibility of finding a buyer!

Today I didn't go into the office. And I haven't seen the people yet.

The sign above is right around the corner from my house. I shared that photo once before on here, but thought I'd share it again. It speaks to my current emotional state:

To Da Lou! I gotta go See the People

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  1. Loved the sign, LOL. I would imagine sales is a very hard profession to be in especially this day and age. However, I do know that personal touch of calling people and staying in touch. When we were selling our house in Montana, we were wishy-washy about selling it for a few years before we had to sell it when we moved. I connected with an agent and we had tentatively thought of putting it on the market but never did. She and her partner (the two worked together) would call every so often, telling us about a house they found that might meet what we were looking for instead, asking our plans, chit chatting, etc. When we were ready to sell a few years later when we were moving, they were the first ones I called because they kept in touch.

    hoping that condo sells quick! To me it sounds like a great deal!!