Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Puppy with Giant Paws

I had another weird dream last night: I was in a car with a man I worked for. Even though we were in a car, we were also at some type of picinic or family reunion. The car didn't have a roof or even a front end. We were traveling in around by just loungeing on this comfortable car seat and watching the whole picnic take place before us. The picinic was at this beautiful park with open fields and rolling hills like we have here in beautiful Ohio The man had a puppy. This puppy as big as a german shepherd and had the markings of a german shepherd. Sometimes it looked like a regal lion. The puppy was in my lap but it was so unruly and it was somewhat of a hassle. It was so big and it was out of control a little. I thought to myself, "why hasn't this guy trained his own dog, why is so uncaring that this dog is bugging me" The puppy jumped down from our car and trotted off with this big playful look on it's face. As it trotted away from us I held it's paw in my hand. Dreams are weird like that. I saw it running around having fun, yet I looked at it's paw in my hand. It's paw huge. I mean huge. I gasped and said the man I worked for, "look how BIG THIS puppy's FEET are!" They were so big, they were bigger than my hand! That was the whole dream. . . Another dream about baby feet!

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