Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Doves Are Born

Around 6:00 AM on Easter morning my husband and I discovered the doves in the kitchen window box had been born! Mama bird was actually standing on the edge of the box and we could see two little thumb-sized grey chicks. I hadn't seen the dove stand for over two weeks, so it was so cool. She saw us looking at her and the nest through the window. Since then every time I look she (or he) is sitting on top of the chicks again. It is so windy here, and gloomy. I hope the wind doesn't blow them away. The wind keeps catching the basketball hoop stand and tossing it into the street. That's how windy it is.


  1. awe yay! they were born, that's really sweet

  2. that is windy! but what a cool place to have built a nest for you to be part of the babies! and what a great day for them to have been born!


  3. How sweet to have doves outside your window; it seems to be a bird family year for both of us!

    I hope the babies stay safe.



  4. I will love to have doves outside of my window, they look adorable, it has been a bit windy around my area too:)