Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Birthday Cake!

This time it was 17 candles. Happy Birthday Sam. I made a pineapple upside down cake and it was delicious. It was the first time in 6 years that Sam had a sibling to celebrate his birthday with. (I wonder if it's lonely being an only child.) The big thing is Sam likes his gifts! He got things like underwear, socks, razor, and toothbrush! Things we seem to take for granted. He laughed. I need these things!, he said. He did get a rated "M" for Mature, 17 and over game though. He popped in the Black Ops game into the XBOX 360 and the machine died. Hmmmm. I didn't want to buy him such a violent game in the first place. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something? After the celebratory dinner and cake, and gifts, O and I went biking on the bike trail and ended up downtown. It was really an awesome bike ride past both the Scioto and the Olentangy rivers and underneath a train trestle and on a narrow foot bridge over a train track. I gained 3 pounds of mucles in my legs going up those hills. This photo was shot on a freeway exit today as I was driving to a real estate appointment. We have these flowers everywhere now. I am really enjoying Spring in Ohio!


  1. careful taking those photos.
    I hope Samuel get's his xbox working, Kevin's going to buy black ops this weekend so him and samuel can play together through xbox live!

  2. Happy birthday to Sam! That cake looks delicious!! so neat that spring has come to your part of the country and things are blooming in abundance!