Sunday, April 10, 2011

23 Candles

April 1st arrived and I put 23 candles on this cake. The flames lit up the dining room! Happy Birthday Becca. (I'm not the best cake maker...but it tasted good) I'm wearing a sweater here on April first. Still chilly, wintery weather.
I was going to plant some pansies in my window box outside the kitchen window as soon as it got warmer, but this dove decided to lay an egg here. We watched last week as her husband brought her little sticks to build this makeshift nest. They were so sweet together. They are not talented nest builders, I hate to admit. So good thing they found my sturdy box up against the house. Hey, I'm a real estate agent and I'm helping provide housing for a little feathered family. When they fly away I'll have to put up a little "for sale" sign in my window box. This very morning this tree burst into blossioms! I opened the front door on my way to church and the weeping cherry tree greeted me in this splendid display. I was wondering when these daffodils would bloom, and it turns out it was today! They must have gotten tired because by the time I took this photograph the stems were sagging over like their muscles were tired from holding up those cheery tops. I planted these bulbs 16 years ago when I moved in. They're nothing fancy, but they are happy ambassadors for Spring every year. When I came home from church, I noticed these beautifully scented flowers had popped up out of nowhere too. Today must be the day to dress up. I actually wore a dress to church with high heels and everything. We tried out a new church again. This one is a new satellight Vineyard holding services in the 4-H building of OSU. (Yes, you're right. I was way overdressed for hipster Vineyard) They consider themselves part of the larger Vineyard, and not a separate church. So, we watched the pastor from the main Vineyard on a sattelight screen. Rich Nathan is an excellent teacher so I really didn't mind. A friend of mine is part of their church-plant group, so I wanted to worship there with my friend and see God working through her ministry of friendliness and loving kindness. It's only been 5 weeks and they already have a few hundred worshipping there! We worked on taxes the entire afternoon. I worked on my damaged lawn, too, and I have blisters from the rake and my feet and arms are sore. Sam grilled up some brats on the grill and we had homemade german mustard to go with it. We sat on the front porch in the fading sun eating our brats with Sam Adams. Spring in Ohio is finally here! Happy Spring. To-Da-Lou

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  1. how sweet with the dove(s) choosing your place to make a nest!! Always exciting to see/be part of a church plant or a growing church, seeing God in action, working to have his kingdom spread!!