Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Doves Are Born

Around 6:00 AM on Easter morning my husband and I discovered the doves in the kitchen window box had been born! Mama bird was actually standing on the edge of the box and we could see two little thumb-sized grey chicks. I hadn't seen the dove stand for over two weeks, so it was so cool. She saw us looking at her and the nest through the window. Since then every time I look she (or he) is sitting on top of the chicks again. It is so windy here, and gloomy. I hope the wind doesn't blow them away. The wind keeps catching the basketball hoop stand and tossing it into the street. That's how windy it is.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Sweet Reads

Here's two blogs you'll probably like. I do.

Agape Life is written by my oldest daughter. She's a married grad student at Princeton Theological Seminary, and she is interesting and fun and I like to live vicariously through her blog.

LetYourGloryFallDown is my other daughter who is a Public Relations grad. She's interesting and fun, too.

You'll be blessed.

Friday, April 15, 2011

See the People

I know. Posting two days in row. Wow, what's up you might wonder? Procrastination. That's what's up. I had great plans for the business today.

Number 1: "Go into the Office" This is a sales success basic. Working from home can turn into.... planting pansies, digging up dandelions, washing the dishes, doing laundry, reading blogs....

Number 2: Stay in Touch with past clients and friends. This means pick up the phone and reach out to someone. ...

If you're in sales, and you don't call people, you won't make any money. Period. Today I just don't feel like working. I fear the rejection, even though I have never been rejected when I pick up the phone to call people. I'm always so surprised to hear such happy, cheerful voices on the other end exclaim, "Seriously Though! I'm so glad you called! How are you?" I don't know why I'm always surprised when people act like they are happy to see me. I guess I have "issues." Uh, I'm not guessing... I actually do have "issues." It's probably something from my childhood, but I honestly don't care for psychotherapy, so I will probably always get that knot in my stomach when I pick up the phone to call a past client.

My broker is a really old guy. He started the largest real estate brokerage in Ohio from his basement using an old door propped up on saw-horses as his desk. He called himself, The Helpful People. When he gives a motivational speach it is always the same:

Success is spelled:

S --- See the people

U --- U See the people

C -- C the people

C -- C the people

s E-- e the people

S -- See the people

S -- See the people

Even with twitter, facebook, blogging, and the internet nothing makes a more successful salesman than "being helpful" and "seeing the people" face to face.

I got a new listing this morning. A cute little condo that's fully updated and perfect for affordable housing. It's in an affordable neighborhood, but a safe neighborhood and tucked away like a little secret area. It overlooks a babbling brook and a woodsy nature preserve. It's cheap. And it qualifies for some free money from our wonderful government. This little listing came about because I saw some people a couple months ago. They were kind enough to give me a shot at selling it, even though it's been for sale for 6 months with another broker. The pressure is now on. Maybe that's why I don't want to pick up the phone. I might actually get a listing and have the responsibility of finding a buyer!

Today I didn't go into the office. And I haven't seen the people yet.

The sign above is right around the corner from my house. I shared that photo once before on here, but thought I'd share it again. It speaks to my current emotional state:

To Da Lou! I gotta go See the People

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Birthday Cake!

This time it was 17 candles. Happy Birthday Sam. I made a pineapple upside down cake and it was delicious. It was the first time in 6 years that Sam had a sibling to celebrate his birthday with. (I wonder if it's lonely being an only child.) The big thing is Sam likes his gifts! He got things like underwear, socks, razor, and toothbrush! Things we seem to take for granted. He laughed. I need these things!, he said. He did get a rated "M" for Mature, 17 and over game though. He popped in the Black Ops game into the XBOX 360 and the machine died. Hmmmm. I didn't want to buy him such a violent game in the first place. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something? After the celebratory dinner and cake, and gifts, O and I went biking on the bike trail and ended up downtown. It was really an awesome bike ride past both the Scioto and the Olentangy rivers and underneath a train trestle and on a narrow foot bridge over a train track. I gained 3 pounds of mucles in my legs going up those hills. This photo was shot on a freeway exit today as I was driving to a real estate appointment. We have these flowers everywhere now. I am really enjoying Spring in Ohio!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

23 Candles

April 1st arrived and I put 23 candles on this cake. The flames lit up the dining room! Happy Birthday Becca. (I'm not the best cake maker...but it tasted good) I'm wearing a sweater here on April first. Still chilly, wintery weather.
I was going to plant some pansies in my window box outside the kitchen window as soon as it got warmer, but this dove decided to lay an egg here. We watched last week as her husband brought her little sticks to build this makeshift nest. They were so sweet together. They are not talented nest builders, I hate to admit. So good thing they found my sturdy box up against the house. Hey, I'm a real estate agent and I'm helping provide housing for a little feathered family. When they fly away I'll have to put up a little "for sale" sign in my window box. This very morning this tree burst into blossioms! I opened the front door on my way to church and the weeping cherry tree greeted me in this splendid display. I was wondering when these daffodils would bloom, and it turns out it was today! They must have gotten tired because by the time I took this photograph the stems were sagging over like their muscles were tired from holding up those cheery tops. I planted these bulbs 16 years ago when I moved in. They're nothing fancy, but they are happy ambassadors for Spring every year. When I came home from church, I noticed these beautifully scented flowers had popped up out of nowhere too. Today must be the day to dress up. I actually wore a dress to church with high heels and everything. We tried out a new church again. This one is a new satellight Vineyard holding services in the 4-H building of OSU. (Yes, you're right. I was way overdressed for hipster Vineyard) They consider themselves part of the larger Vineyard, and not a separate church. So, we watched the pastor from the main Vineyard on a sattelight screen. Rich Nathan is an excellent teacher so I really didn't mind. A friend of mine is part of their church-plant group, so I wanted to worship there with my friend and see God working through her ministry of friendliness and loving kindness. It's only been 5 weeks and they already have a few hundred worshipping there! We worked on taxes the entire afternoon. I worked on my damaged lawn, too, and I have blisters from the rake and my feet and arms are sore. Sam grilled up some brats on the grill and we had homemade german mustard to go with it. We sat on the front porch in the fading sun eating our brats with Sam Adams. Spring in Ohio is finally here! Happy Spring. To-Da-Lou

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Puppy with Giant Paws

I had another weird dream last night: I was in a car with a man I worked for. Even though we were in a car, we were also at some type of picinic or family reunion. The car didn't have a roof or even a front end. We were traveling in around by just loungeing on this comfortable car seat and watching the whole picnic take place before us. The picinic was at this beautiful park with open fields and rolling hills like we have here in beautiful Ohio The man had a puppy. This puppy as big as a german shepherd and had the markings of a german shepherd. Sometimes it looked like a regal lion. The puppy was in my lap but it was so unruly and it was somewhat of a hassle. It was so big and it was out of control a little. I thought to myself, "why hasn't this guy trained his own dog, why is so uncaring that this dog is bugging me" The puppy jumped down from our car and trotted off with this big playful look on it's face. As it trotted away from us I held it's paw in my hand. Dreams are weird like that. I saw it running around having fun, yet I looked at it's paw in my hand. It's paw huge. I mean huge. I gasped and said the man I worked for, "look how BIG THIS puppy's FEET are!" They were so big, they were bigger than my hand! That was the whole dream. . . Another dream about baby feet!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Baby in the Fish Tank

I had a dream that I had a "fetus" growing in a fish tank! I looked at it with a magnifying glass and could see it's little FEET facing me and it's little body and head and hands. I was so shocked I was pregnant and couldn't figure out how I got pregnant. It made no sense. The dream started out this way: I was pursuing this super cool career that was in a very competitive field, at a mountain resort. I was up against some very hip and smart youngsters who wore nerdy little glasses and were equipped with ivy league degrees and a California cool attitude. I had spent a lot of time on training, classes, working, buying hip clothes. In the dream I had miscarried a baby a few months back and I was actually happy at the time that I miscarried because I didn't want another baby, I wanted a career. After the miscarriage, while I was turning in reports at the office, a young lady competing for the job and standing next to me said, "your pregnancy is going to mess up your chances at this, " and I looked at her and said, "I don't know if I'm pregnant or not!" I was hoping I wasn't. I hurried back to my mountain resort apartment and looked in the bottom of the fish tank. I saw a blob down at the bottom and said, Oh that's just a blob of algae. Unsure of myself I pulled out a magnifying glass, the kind Sherlock Holmes uses, and took a good look. Oh, my! It was a baby afterall. There were those feet right there with toes and everything! I realized I must have gotten pregnant at the exact time I miscarried the last baby, which I thought was physically impossible. Yet, here I was pregnant again with the fetus growing in the bottom of my fish tank. ! It was going to mess up my career in the resort and everything I was learning and preparing for in my career. Now what?! I then woke up and thought, golly, that was weird. Maybe I was still asleep and dreaming though, because I thought to myself, "why on earth would I not want a child? why on earth would I choose a career over children? I really wished I hadn't miscarried that last baby and I wished I had a house full of children. My life would have been superior with a house full of children who grow up to be real human beings! What was so important about that career? Now here I am pregnant with a baby in the bottom of my fish tank! I should be elated! Then I did wake up for real. Later in the day I kept seeing those baby feet in my mind. I knew then that this dream was a dream from the Lord. He was trying to get a message through. But, what's the message? As I focused on those baby feet, this scripture came to my mind: Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” I then realized that the feet represented the ministry of evangelism, Whoa! That baby is a ministry of the Gospel of Peace. Whoa, I was preparing for a career in a mountain resort, and I didn't want the responsibility that raising a baby takes. All the trials, the weariness, the hard and difficult work of caring for a little human being. The incredible responsibility of raising an upright standing citizen of the world. I was too lazy to even think about it. hmmmm. I feel like I'm standing in front of that fish tank right now, (which Jesus did say, he'd make me a fisher of men--the fish tank) "Now what?"" This is a very personal dream and I don't know where it will lead. It's a good thing pregnancies are nine months long!