Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is a Downer: Don't Read

Of course, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan is heavy news to comprehend. I called my friend from Japan to let her know I'm thinking of her and her family.

In my personal life a friend of mine is dying right now. She took a turn for the worse after open-heart surgery. She is now on hospice and they moved a bed to her condo so she could be at home. It's what she requested. I walked into her hospital room Friday with a little white and green irish flower thinking I would have a little chat with her. What I found instead was a room full of her family around her bed. She was asleep. It looked grave, and it was. I went and laid one hand on her arm and prayed for healing, because that is what I believe is possible. My friend believes in supernatural healing, too.

I then quickly left as it wasn't my place to be there with the family.

She is the reason I'm at my current broker. She was there first and suggested I come to the same office as her, about six years ago. We went to the same church and were part of the same church community. She and I would help each other in the business. We counted on each other. We prayed together in our offices about real estate, and all kinds of personal things. We have a "succes" group together with a few other people, encouraging each other to go for it and reach our business goals. A career in sales is pretty rejecting, and isolating, and there is a lot of negativity spewn at you. You have to market yourself and go get the business before you can even do the technical skill part of marketing, and facillitating a sale. My friend is such a positive person. She helped get me back into the boxing ring after I'd get my teeth kicked in. Once she said, "we're magnets. People and money just stick to us, we can't help it. No need to apologize for our succes. We're magnets!" ha ha. I needed that at the time.

Her situation is really bumming me out. I do believe in healing. I still think she is too young to die.

So, yeah, it's a bummer.

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  1. I am so sorry about your friend; I know it must be hard on all; the family and her friends. She seems like a wonderful woman. We never know why God allows what he allows, that's when we have to trust, even in our sadness and grief, we continue to trust