Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing My Friend

Yesterday morning was supposed to be a success group meeting. I sent an email to the other members of the group and said I just didn't want to talk real estate or even see my broker's office. I was feeling very down about my friend's situation. Shortly after that I then received an email from my manager saying our collegue and friend was now in heaven.

I will truly miss this classy lady. I will truly miss her constant smiling face, her readiness to pray and give Godly, encouraging council. I will miss her readiness to laugh and crack a joke, in that very classy and dignified way she had about her.

I have wonderful memories right now that I'm going to cherish. There was a whole office meeting this morning and I played hookie from it, again. Another collegue asked me last night to come to the meeting this morning and tell a funny story about our friend that we experienced together. I just discovered that I didn't wake up until after the meeting started. It was actually an important technical meeting and I don't know why I slept so late this morning.

I heard once that when we lose someone it also brings up the grief from all our other lost loved ones. I find this to be true. I've taken moments to really reflect on losing my dad 6 years ago, too. I will always miss his Godly, wise council, and gentle smile.

So from here I must move forward. Time to clean up, put on some mascara, lip gloss, and high heels (ok clothes, too) and get going.

It is a wonderful comfort knowing my friend's spirit is alive and beholding the face of the Lord. If you're reading this, please pray for her beautiful daughters and son. I know they will miss their mom so much.


  1. so sorry about your friend; I know her family is grieving as well as her friends and she will never be forgotten. While she died, she didn't perish (meaning she is with Jesus and will be alive with him forever through all eternity). You will see her one day and get to see her for eternity. Always such a comfort for me when I think of loved ones that have died before me that knew the Lord. In the meantime, we grieve and we are sad, but we know there will be a day when there is no more pain, no more suffering and no more tears and we await it with joyful anticipation.


  2. I am sorry to hear baout your loss, praying for for her family. She is in a better place:)