Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Review-Amish Fiction

Bridge of Peace, by Cindy Woodsmall

My rating: four stars out of four

I decided to read a novel that takes place in an Amish community, with Amish characters. In my personal life I've had a couple business dealings with Amish folk and enjoyed the experience. So I was curious to see what kind of story Cindy Woodsmall would tell concerning the Amish.

This story is about an Amish schoolteacher who loves to teach. A fun-loving and playful young lady with a large birthmark on her face. She still has a childhood crush on a young Amish cabinet maker, but the problem is he's married. There's also a dangerous, crazy Amish guy who is out to get our beloved schoolteacher. So, the story has some jeopardy and supsense thrown in, too.

I really liked the book. Some of the details of Amish living were different than my experiences with the Amish. For example, the Amish in my area are not allowed to have much counter space in a kitchen, so a kitchen island would not be permitted. In Bridge of Peace the kitchen island is a place people gather. Theses characters also take warm showers to relax, and the Amish homes I've been in around my area don't have showers at all; just one sink with running water is allowed inside their homes.

Setting aside little lifestyle details the book was a pleasureable escape for me. I liked the characters and following their conflicts and growth. I would recommend the book to any fiction lover.

You can buy it online here at Target.

I received the book from Multnomah Publish Group for free in exchange for reviewing it.


  1. Thank you for coming by by blog, and for leaving such a nice comment. :)

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    p.s. The book looks like a good read; I was given an Amish romance for Christmas and still haven't gotten to it!

  2. sounds like a good book!! like to read stories about different cultures or customs :)