Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mysterious Markings on the Walls

Illustration by Mark Harmon

My husband and I purchased our first house back in 1988. We first rented the house in 1987. I really liked this house; a two-story salt-box colonial with cherry floors, crown moulding, wooden six-panel doors, a fireplace. It was small, but cozy and I could see the downtown skyline from the second floor windows. I especially enjoyed seeing Macy's Christmas tree atop their building all aglow from my bedroom window.
Very shortly after moving in I was home alone and my little one was down the street playing at the neighbor's. That day I kept thinking I saw marks on the walls that looked like dripping Crosses; they glistened when the light hit them just so and my eye would catch a glimpse of these marks as I was walkng past. As I rounded the corner to go up the steps my eye might catch a little sparkle on the wall. I would turn to look at it and, yet, see nothing there. How curious. I kept deciding my eyes were playing tricks on me. Still, it was a little creepy and made me nervous.

Then I took a little break in the bathroom. As I was perched there on the seat in the potty room my mind wandered aimlessly as it usually does at such times. Suddenly my eyes caught a straight on look of a shiny dripping cross in the paint right in front of me on the linen closet door. There was no mistake, it was a haphazard cross shape and it looked like dripping blood. It wasn't red, it was practically invisible, but there was this little shiny cross the same color of the paint right before my eyes.

My heart started racing and I thought about every haunted house movie I had ever seen or heard of. Could the house be haunted? I didn't really believe in haunted houses, but the possibility was making me anxious. I jumped up, got situated, and made a dash for the phone. I called my husband to tell him I wasn't crazy, there are invisible crosses all over the house, in every room! What could it be?

He started to chuckle softly so no one at his office could overhear him. "Oh," he said, "I forgot to tell you. I blessed the house with cooking oil last week. Those are my little crosses."

All I could think was, this is a man after my own heart.


  1. oh gosh.
    I love this story. I feel like it sums up a lot of our family dynamic

  2. so very neat!! what a great thing your husband did! I had a dear friend when we lived in Montana, whose mom was a secretary to the principal at one of the high schools up there. Every year before the beginning of the school year, the mom and a friend would go from classroom to classroom and pray for the kids, room, teacher, etc and anoint the room with oil with a cross like your husband did. They never told anyone like the principal, etc. The janitor used to try to figure out why each door frame was oily. I thought it was such a great thing to do!

    (thanks for your kind comment and welcome back :)


  3. Hehehe,I like the posts.
    God Bless you All!