Saturday, January 15, 2011

Old Football Wounds-written a few days ago.

Pittsburgh Steelers won today in a very exciting game to the very end. I was fascinated with the Steelers when I was very young, say, age 8-14. They were fun to watch and I liked their "image" of bad boys. Then I went to school in Cincy and went to a lot of Bengal games for free. I never really became a fan of the Bengals, but I really enjoy NFL. I did go to a playoff game of the Bengals back in the early 80's and this was back when it wasn't uncommon for players to get arrested for cocaine use. There were so many huge fist fights on the field then. The cameras never showed those big fist fights on the field, but being in the stadium we had great seats for the mayhem.

When I moved back to Columbus from Cincy I met my husband and he was an avid Browns fan. I told him I favored the Steelers and this towering 6'4" man glared down at my little 5'2" self with disgust. My husband, who was just a date at the time, bellowed, "what?! only an idiot would be a Steelers fan. Steelers fans are evil." On and on he goes, or something like that. I said, "well, I found the team exciting in the 70's and I just kind of stayed a fan." "Oh, you liked that team? Of course they won, they were a dirty team and played dirty." I was confused. I had never met such passionate football fanaticism before. Living in a Columbus it's hard not to be consummed by the furious love for the Buckeyes. Now, Buckeye fans are ridiculous, and I say this with great Buckeye pride. Yet, I had never seen such intense emotions for a footbal team as I saw in my husband that day. I discovered later that's because I had actually never met someone from Cleveland before. If you've been to Cleveland, ok, you KNOW what I'm talking about. Let's just say, I had a neighbor from Cleveland once, and she would often say, "don't f- with me. I'm from Cleveland." There's a reason this was a valid warning.

Back to the Steelers and marriage. I didn't feel THAT passionate about the Steelers so I bought me a cheap Browns sweatshirt and watched the Browns lose over and over again for years, but hey I was now married to a Browns fan. It's not about winning. It's about being a fan. Secretely, I would watch the highlights of the Steelers and know that it is much, much easier to be a Steelers fan.

Then, the Browns left Cleveland and Art Model took the team to Baltimore. Boy, was my Cleveland husband angry with this. As I said, people from Cleveland... ahem. Years roll by and my little adorable baby boy grew up cheering for the Browns (or I should say hoping for the Browns). As we know the Browns lose-alot. My adorable little boy goes to school and defends his team to Jets fans and the Eagles fans. Little Samuel stands behind his dad's team.

Then one day, not long ago, a ball cap arrives in the mail for my husband. It has a Steeler's logo on the front. Where on earth did you get that I ask? Someone has a made a mistake! No, he tells me. He ordered it! Then a little while later, the neighbor across the street stops by to give my husband a yellow towel she picked up for him while in Pittsburg. Huh? ? I gasp! That's The Terrible Towel. What is going on ?

Oh, he has now decided he is a STEELERS fan. He hates Baltimore, because that was the team that deserted Cleveland. Now he doesn't care for the Browns because.... they aren't as good as the Steelers. What? Aren't Steelers fan stupid? Aren't the Steelers dirty?

He tells me I need to get over that rant about the Steelers he made over 25 years ago and forgive him and join him on the couch to watch Hines Ward (who is amazing) and Palamahu (who is also amazing) and Rothelsberger (who is just so awesomely tall, and I'll forget he's a possible rapist)

Don't judge me, ... It's footbal!

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