Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking for Lassie

I want one of these. I'm trying to find one from a rescue, but the only ones so far are on their last leg (thus a rescue need) or they are adopted before I can contact the rescue.

If you know of a Rough Coat Collie who needs a home, please contact me. I will drive far, far away to get one. I would prefer a neutared male.

My Welsh Corgi, Princess, died a year ago. So I'm ready now for a big, furry dog and I always wanted a Lassie Dog. I don't want a Sheltie, they aren't Collies, they're a different breed all together.

My first 16 years of life I had a Border Collie, named Boots for her four white paws.. Then I got a German Shephard-Collie mix from the pound and had Zeke for 15 years. However, I'm convinced Zeke was actually an English Shephard. There is an English Shephard breeder northeast of Columbus. Then I had the Corgi for 14 years. So, now, I'm searching for my own Lassie, and I plan to name him King when I get him.


  1. love it! hope you find the right one!

  2. Good luck -- my wife tells me she had one as a kid and it was a great dog.