Sunday, January 16, 2011

Horse People and House Hunting

Yesterday was tundra-type weather here. Mr. Seriously Though came along on my job of showing people houses. I was so happy to have him as the driver. I sat in the back seat with the wife. and her husband sat in the front with my husband. Our tour of homes was a 150 mile round trip of 6 HUD homes. HUD homes are repossessed homes owned by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. This meant, no utilities on at any of the homes. It was a cold 4 1/2 hours.

One of the properties had 5 acres a house and two barns. We went into the house, which is a completely worn out and tattered double-wide placed on top of a basement. The basement walls were caving in, but held up securely by well-positioned steel I-beams all around the basement. It is a truly crappy house.

We walk through the snow out to the barn and I unlock the barn entrance. We step inside. Here's where you would hear angels singing and see golden rays of light beams coming down from heaven. The barn is awesome. It has 6 horse stalls made of beautiful hardwood planking and iron bars. A real tackroom. The pastures were already fenced in with wooden horse fencing, and the riding arena has massive lighting installed for night-time riding. With just a little adjustment, the barn is large enough for an in-door riding arena.

I didn't tell the buyers what I was thinking and feeling, but I was drooling. I hoped they didn't want it, because I wanted it. I glanced at Mr. S T as we stood in the barn. He was quietly looking at the tresses, the stalls, the tack room, and I could see something in his eyes. No words spoken.

Over pizza and coffee with the buyers, the husband tells us he really likes the property with the barn, but he doesn't wish to go into debt over the house. He knows nothing about horses. He wouldn't know what to do with that hay field. I told him he could rent it out to a horse trainer and have a little income off the property. No, he says, he hates debt more than he likes the property.

Sunday morning while I sip my first cup of coffee Mr. S T says to me in very serious voice, "we need to talk." I look up at him and he says, "I didnt want to say anything just in case the buyers wanted the property. Since they don't, I can tell you now. I want to buy that land and barn. Can you live in that dump of a house?" I answer, "I would probably live in the barn mostly and just sleep in the dumpy house, so yes, I could live there"

We go to church. The usher at the door is a fellow horse person. I excitedly told her that we had found some land and a gorgeous horse barn. Wow, she says. I tell her the house is a dump, to which she responds, "so." ?? Then she laughed, and said, "who needs a house anyway when you've got a great barn?

Horse folk are so interesting.


  1. Wow- sounds like a great place. Tear down the house and you will feel like you are in heaven. At one time I had a HUD job (part time) broke into houses, put on new locks and signs, found someone to clean up, that type of thing. We found some stuff that sounds much like yours. By the way--all things can be fixed and the house does not look too bad. How do the horses feel about the move? good luck

  2. old guy, looks & photos can be deceiving. It looks better than it is. We were just ready to make a bid & someone else got it. :( o well, maybe next time.